Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One Year ago today at 7:45am I heard the most beautiful noise in the world, the scream and first breath from our Perfect little boy! WoW I can not believe that it has been a year!! We have been through so much in this last year, at sometimes I never thought that we would make it to this point, but WE DID IT!!! Today is very bittersweet to me! I am SOOOOO proud of my little man in all that he is and has accomplished in this first, very tough year and at the same time I am sad that he is a Toddler now and not just my little snuggly baby anymore. I am also so proud of myself that I have made it to a year breastfeeding!!!!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me! After having Mastitis and 2 yeast infections in the begining, not to mention supply issues, I never thought I would make it this far & I DID IT!!! Carter had his first cup of Whole Vitamin D milk today and he LOVED it. We had to warm it just a bit, but he sucked it down and was diliriously happy after wards!!
This last weekend we had Carter's First Birthday Party and it was AWESOME!! A HUGE thank you for all of those who pitched in and helped, I could not have done it without you!! Here are some pics from the party(thanks to Bridgette)!
So Carter had his 12 month appt this morning. I have been sick with a stomach bug the last couple of days so I wasn't able to make it :(. First time I have missed a single appt. that Carter has had and he has had LOTS!! Here are the stats: 20lbs 12 oz, 28" long, and 46.5 Head Circumference. He also had to get two shots, but Webb said that he didn't even cry! He's such a Big Boy!!
Just a few things that Carter is doing lately:
- He is army crawling all over the place!!! Esp. anywhere Ginger is! He bugs the crap out of her, LOL!
-He is sitting up very well on his own and doesn't really wobble anymore only when he wants to get on his tummy to move around.
- He is still breastfeeding morning and night and has now switched to Whole Milk with a sippy cup during the day (no more bottles)
- He is doing GREAT with finger food!! Have I mentioned that he LOVES food!! Any and all kinds! He has gotten where he has to have some sort of finger food at every meal.
- He is getting so smart and learning how to pick balls up and put them in the hole where they go or down the little ramp to make them spin. He just started this last week!
- We have moved to cloth diapers!! Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers and so far we LOVE them and have had NO LEAKS!! WOOHOO!!
- He says Dadadadadadada ALL the time!! Still No Mama Yet :(
- He has 7 teeth!!
- Will not sit still for mommy's photo sessions anymore!!
- Oh and have I mentioned, he LOVES kids!! Always laughs and chuckles when we are around other children, so cute.
- Yes he still does his deep chuckle and it is soooo cute!
- He pretty much goes to sleep on his own without a fuss most nights and sleeps through the night.
- Loves Remotes, cell phones and anything he can bang on things with!!
- He is bearing weight on his legs better now for a several seconds (much better when he has his shoes on!)
- Goes to PT once a week to see Mrs. Mary (which we LOVE) and she is so proud of his progress lately!!
- Oh and his Hair is GROWING like crazy!!
I think that is all for now, better go Carter is waking up from his nap!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday PICS by Brandie!!

OMG I CAN NOT believe that Carter will be ONE tomorrow!! I don't have much time right now to post, but I have a post waiting to write about Carter's Fabulous Birthday Party!! But in the mean time I wanted to share new pics that Brandie took of Carter man!! OMG I AM IN LOVE!!!



Monday, February 8, 2010

How your life can change in just 1 week!!

So a week ago today we were at Lebonheur for Carter's 1 year Urology test. Everything has been going fine as far as Carter's cathing routine, and he has not has had a single UTI in several months. Not since since we haven't had to reuse and wash his caths anymore. So I was really not that worried about going in for his urodynamics and VCUG. I just figured that this was just a "Routine" test that sucks to have to go do, but then we would be done for the next year. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!
First we went to meet Mrs. Judy for his Urodynamics test, which he did really well with. You have to stay completely still during the test and he did a wonderful job at that. So then after that test we went straight to get his VCUG. Have I mentioned that I HATE this test. They have to strap him down on a board with his arms above his head. NOONE should ever have to see your baby this way!! The Radiologist and the same tech were the ones that did his test after birth, which was nice. So right after starting the test the Radiologist looks at me and says "Carter didn't have reflux did he?" And I said "NO" and then she looked at me and said "well he does now!" My Heart SUNK!!! If you don't know anything about Kidney Reflux it is graded from 1-5, with 5 being the worst, and what do think Carter had, but of course Grade 5 VUR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesicoureteral_reflux)!! We couldn't believe it! He has had absolutely NO symptoms!
So after that terrible test we headed straight to Dr. Jerkins office, his Urologist to see him and have an ultrasound. I was terrified to go! When Dr. Jerkins walked in he said that Carter had been doing wonderful and when he saw the report and the images that he thought he was looking at the wrong patients chart. He told us that the cathing that we were doing was not enough to protect his kidneys and that he would have to have surgery! My Heart SUNK AGAIN! I mean are you kidding me, as if this child hasn't been through enough. He told us that the surgery that they usually do to repair this he is too young for, so they will do a temporary fix for maybe around 2-3 years until he is bigger.
The surgery that Carter underwent Thursday morning is called a Vesicostomy. You can read about it here: http://kidneyreflux.info/Vesicostomy.php. Basically the cut a slit around an inch and a half wide in the top of the bladder and pull it up to the skin and turn part of it inside out and sew it to the skin. So anytime his bladder fills with urine it leaks out. This will protect his kidneys, bc before when his bladder would fill the urine would go straight to the kidneys. Dr. Jerkins told us that during surgery he could tell that his bladder was already starting to show some irregularities and show some sign of damage, but it could have been worse and that its a good thing that we caught it when we did. Carter did really well with his surgery. Infact, before Thursday Dr. J told us that we would atleast be staying one night in the hospital, and maybe go home the next day depending on how he is doing. Well we got to go home Thursday night! We were thrilled. It sucks staying in the hospital, esp when Webb and I do all of the care for him, we might as well be in the comfort of our own home! We gave Carter his first dose of Narcotics that he has ever had post surgery on Thursday night. He had baby Lortab, we wanted to make sure that he was comfortable while he slept. He did a great job, but leaked through his diapers and clothes all over his crib.
The biggest challenge for us thus far is figuring out a diaper routine that is going to work for us. Right now we went up a size in diapers to size four, so that there would be a higher rise and we are using a newborn diaper across his incision to soak up the urine at the top of the diaper, if not it comes out the top and will get all over him. Since we went to that technique he has had dry days and nights. The downside of this technique is the cost. We are having to change him just about every waking hour and using two diapers each change. So we ordered some cloth diapers last night and are going to try those out. It may be more expensive up front, but could save a small fortune in the long run. So those should come in this week.
As far as my emotions, I have been holding up pretty well(I guess). But I do have my moments! I go from everything is going to be ok, to pissed, to sad, to frustrated and back to everything is going to be ok! But I just have to keep on going and stay strong for my precious boy. I just get pissed and hurt bc he has been through so much and does not deserve ANY of it(and this is just the beginning). But on one happy note, he has NO idea and is still probably the happiest baby I have ever seen. If you saw him today you would NEVER know that he had surgery less than a week ago. He is crawling and moving all over the place and acts like it doesn't bother him a bit.
I want to thank everyone that has been praying for and thinking of our family during everything we have been through, don't know what we would do without everyone, We LOVE YOU and truley appreciate your Good Thoughts!!
Sorry this post is so long, but on a happier note this week, I ORDERED MY NEW LENS!!!! and it should be arriving tomorrow, right before my Birthday and just in time for Carter's Birthday Party!!! YIPPEE!!
Here are a few pics post surgery in PACU: