Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 5- Magic Kingdom and Epcot

This was our last day at Disney. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom for the first half of the day to make sure and see anything left that we didn't see on our first day. We arrived before the gates opened so we were able to see all the characters open the gate.

We then went to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Super neat!

Then a few rides: Aladdin's Magic Carpets.
and Pirates of the Carribean again!!! Handsome Pirates!!
Beautiful artwork inside the Castle!
Then to Pooh's corner. Carter LOVED this! Perfect opportunity to let him get out and walk!
He LOVED going in the tunnel!

Then our last Main Street Parade :(

Then we went back to the room for a nap, then to Epcot for Dinner and a few rides and the Nemo show.

My Battery died on my Camera after this picture. But we had a blast. We ate dinner at Teppan Edo- Carter's first Hibachi experience. Webb enjoyed a few beer from different countries and we just walked around and enjoyed the sights. A wonderful Last Night!!!

I can not say enough wonderful things about our Disney experience!!! Disney did an amazing job in making things accessible and easy for people/kids with disabilities. We never waited in line more than 5-10 minutes, even when the wait time was over an hour on most rides. We were also able to push his stroller(with walker attached) right up to the ride and they would take it to the exit when we got off. AMAZING!! They far surpassed our expectations!!
I am so glad that we took Carter to Disney for our First Family Vacation. What amazing memories we have made!! We have vowed to go back probably every 2 years!! WOOHOO!!! The countdown has begun!!!


This was one of my Absolute FAVORITE days at Disney!!! Animal Kingdom was insane!!!We started off our morning by eating breakfast at Tusker house, which is another Character dining. A lot of fun and yummy food!!

Then after dinner we headed to the Safari but stopped in Africa to do some dancing and enjoy some music.
Then my FAVORITE part of the day the Safari. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this was. Carter really enjoyed taking it all in and seeing all of the animals.

Handsome man!!

After the Safari we headed to see some other animals and some fish. This was probably one of Carter's favorites of the day. He LOVED looking at all of the colorful fish and being able to stand up for a while.

Our sweet little family!! (all four of us :))

Day 3- Chef Mickey's and Hollywood Studios

We started off our morning with an early morning breakfast at Chef Mickey's. This was another FAV on my list. I had tears in my eyes seeing Carter in TOTAL AWE over the characters. He had to hug, kiss, and fist bump every one of them. Everyone in the restaurant were oohing and awing over how he was acting. It is def. something I will never forget!! The innocence in his reactions were priceless!!

First Character MICKEY. You can see by his expression in the picture just how excited he was!!
We also got Mickey and Goofy to sign Carter's Braces!! Brilliant Idea by mommy :) Goofy
Donald (aka- Don Don)
Someone has a little crush on Minnie!!
Pluto (aka- Pupo)
After breakfast we headed to Hollywood Studios.

And to the Disney Junior show!! Featuring Carter's Favs: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It was too cute!Then we rode the Toy Story Ride and saw Buzz and Woody!! Carter was SOOO excited!!
The tears were when he did not want to leave buzz and woody :)
Then we went back to our hotel for naps all around and took it easy for the evening. It was raining so we went to the outlet malls and to dinner at a nice restaurant at our hotel!! Yet another GREAT day!!


Or should I call it Magical Kingdom??? Words Can not express the happiness I felt when arriving to Magic Kingdom. First time seeing "the Castle" and with my Favorite two people in the world!!!
Right when we arrived there was a line to see Pluto and Daisy. Carter wasn't so sure at first, but warmed up quickly!!

Then we met the Treadwells! They were down visiting Bridgette's Parents and met us to spend the day at Disney. How much fun to experience this with your best friend and her family!! Right when they got here we were walking down main street and the Main Street Parade started. So much fun!! The Parades and the shows were probably one of my Favorite things!!

Then we headed over for some rides!! They LOVED the Carousel!!
My TWO loves!
Dumbo and Tea Cups
Watching a show at the Castle!

Then taking a ride on the Train. Carter kept saying "ALL ABOARD."
Walt and Mickey, soooo beautiful!!! Right before the Electric Parade!
LOVED the Electric Parade!!!

and the Light show on the Castle was AMAZING!!!!!!

We had such an amazing day rode pretty much every ride that Carter could ride and he loved every bit of them. His Favorites: Buzz ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, the Carousel, the Train, Peter Pan, and Many more!! Could not have asked for a better first full day at such a Magical Place!!!