Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Or should I call it Magical Kingdom??? Words Can not express the happiness I felt when arriving to Magic Kingdom. First time seeing "the Castle" and with my Favorite two people in the world!!!
Right when we arrived there was a line to see Pluto and Daisy. Carter wasn't so sure at first, but warmed up quickly!!

Then we met the Treadwells! They were down visiting Bridgette's Parents and met us to spend the day at Disney. How much fun to experience this with your best friend and her family!! Right when they got here we were walking down main street and the Main Street Parade started. So much fun!! The Parades and the shows were probably one of my Favorite things!!

Then we headed over for some rides!! They LOVED the Carousel!!
My TWO loves!
Dumbo and Tea Cups
Watching a show at the Castle!

Then taking a ride on the Train. Carter kept saying "ALL ABOARD."
Walt and Mickey, soooo beautiful!!! Right before the Electric Parade!
LOVED the Electric Parade!!!

and the Light show on the Castle was AMAZING!!!!!!

We had such an amazing day rode pretty much every ride that Carter could ride and he loved every bit of them. His Favorites: Buzz ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, the Carousel, the Train, Peter Pan, and Many more!! Could not have asked for a better first full day at such a Magical Place!!!

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