Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm Winter Weather...

This weekend we had some unusually warm winter weather here. It got up to 66 on Saturday!! It was Beautiful!!! We spent LOTS of time outdoors this weekend before we have to go back in for hibernation.
Saturday morning Webb and Carter went for a Pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel while I slept, since I worked on Friday night. Then when Carter woke up from his nap on Saturday met Ashley, Brent and the boys at the Zoo. It was sooo much fun!! We always have a blast hanging out with them. In fact, we are going to FLORIDA in July with them. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! We need a family vacation soooo bad!!!! Then after the Zoo, My boys and I had a wonderful relaxing dinner at Firebirds!(YUM).
Sunday was cleaning day. We played in the morning and did some laundry. Then while Carter napped, we cleaned some more and then Mom, Carter and I went to Yolo afterward while Webb worked in the Yard. Yummy!
These pics were taken doing Carter's favorite thing these days: Walking!! This weekend he walked from our drive way down around the corner all the way to the stop sign on Saturday and on Sunday walked from our drive way around the corner to our neighbors driveway and half way back!! Keep it up Carter Man!!!
Also this last Thursday was a first for us! We went to meet Bridgette and the girls at The Children's museum and took his walker in. This was the first time I have taken it in a public place and he did GREAT!! We also ended up running into Meme, Lily, and Tucker. He walked and climbed a TON!! and was wore out when we left!! Fun Day!!!
Love this pic of him walking to webb!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

IPHONES and Hair Cuts!!

If you have a toddler that needs their hair cut, take your Iphone!!! I promise it will make your life easier. The whole time Carter was getting his hair cut he was watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he was never bothered!! Atleast not until she got the shears out!! But who likes those buzzing sharp things coming at you!! Can't believe this was his 3rd(official) hair cut already. I say official bc everytime he has a shunt tap/revision they cut his hair. I have LOTS of baby hair saved! Webb says I'm weird, I say whatever, lol. Doesn't he look soooo handsome!?!?


Sweet Dreams!!

When you look this angelic you must be having sweet dreams!! I LOVE sleeping baby pics, even when they are almost TWO!!!


On the GO.....

Today we had a pretty lazy Sunday. The Smith Household did not wake up until 10AM!!!!! Carter did not have a good nap AT ALL yesterday (Major Meltdown), so he was pretty tired. I was so glad he slept good last night, bc he woke up in a MUCH better mood today. We did a little shopping at the mall and then came home for a nap. Webb and I did some chores around the house and then played once C woke up! and he did LOTS of walking!! he asked to walk and was EVERYWHERE!! he even walked down the hall into his bedroom. This week we were able to unlock the front wheels so that they can turn and he is really getting the hang of it! Here are a few pics. I Love this one of the back of him. I LOVE walking behind him, esp when I act like I'm chasing him and he starts squealing and walking faster ;)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hamming it UP!!!

Carter is such a little Ham lately. I haven't taken many pics the last few days, bc I have been worn out from work. I worked 6 out of 8 nights(not a good idea!). So I figured I would share these pics from a few weeks ago, the day before Allyson left to go back to school. He was playing Peek a boo and was getting a kick out of himself!! Hilarious!!! Gosh I love this kid.

I LOVE how he is peeking through his fingers, hehe! So animated!

Then he decided to take a stroll in his "walka" which is what it sounds like when says it. Lately he has been asking to walk. He will crawl up to his walker and pull up and say "walka" I am sooo proud of Him!!! He is doing great! We went to see his ortho dr this week and he was amazed at how well he was doing with walking. This was the first time to actually take his walker into a dr. office!! Keep it up big boy!!!

And a few pics of two of my favorite peope!! We LOVE you and miss you sooo much Allyson!!
We are SOOOO Proud of you and the person you have become!!! LOVE YOU!!!
On another not Carter has been battling some NASTY UTI's lately!! Started Dec. 20 and we will hopefully find out on Monday that it is finally gone!! After 2 different types of NASTY infections, and 5 different antibiotics. I REALLY hope this last one did the trick!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed!! Will update soon and hopefully take some new pics in the next few days. Have been busy planning my Little guy's second Birthday!! TEAR!! How did he ever get so big!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play, Do, Learn

I can not believe that I am posting this, but my baby or should I say "Big Boy" started a preschool program this morning. Such a bittersweet moment!! It is through a program through Special kids and Families and it is called Play, Do, Learn. It is half special needs kids and half typical peers. It is AMAZING. They also have a 3 to 1 ratio of kids to teachers which is also AMAZING. Carter's teacher is also a retired special needs teacher. It is literally too good to be true. I was pretty nervous for him to start. The only people that have ever watched Carter before are family and Bridgette(which she might as well be family). Nervous for many reason, but I feel like he is in such wonderful hands there!! They do so many wonderful things, including LOTS of Physical Therapy play. They even have a gross motor room.

So this morning Dora came over before we left to go with us, since she will be taking and picking him up just as much as I am. We headed in a little early since I had to go over his special diapering. So we get there and he wants down to play and literally just jumps right in and starts playing(pulling up on tables, chairs, etc.) We then head to the gross motor room where they have an awesome slide/climber and it was all over. He is in LOVE with slides. He could have cared less at that point that we were there. So after a few minutes we decided to sneak out. Well I don't have to say that the only tears shed were not from Carter, LOL. He is such an amazing kid and has such a wonderful spirit!!

So I came home, and couldn't stand being here without him, so I decided to go grocery shopping. Then came home and put them away and then left to go and get him a little early. They said he had a WONDERFUL first day. He even made hand prints. Can't wait until they are done with the project so I can hang them on my wall!! I am so proud of him and proud to be his mommy!! Here's to hoping that he has that wonderful of a day every day!!



Scoop it!!!

Lately we have really been working with Carter on eating with utencils. He pretty much has the fork concept down(we call that Poke it). He just stabs at the plate of food until he finally gets something. But Scooping is much harder. He usually just gives up and eats with his fingers or we help him scoop and had it to him, but it sometimes ends up in his lap and not his mouth. We make big messes around here. LOL Oh well. That's what its all about right!!! I guess one day he will get it down. But in the mean time, here he is intently trying to scoop his favorite Mac and Cheese(just like his mom)!!! and when he gets a bite he says "Ummmm.." ADORABLE!


Monday, January 10, 2011


So last night we got b/w 3-5 inches of snow. The last time it snowed like this is when Carter was in the NICU after he was born. I was soooo excited to get him out and play in the snow this morning. We got all bundled up. In-fact he had on 2 pairs of socks, braces and shoes, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, and a coat and hat. I thought he would love it... Ha, should have known. He HATES snow, lol. I am so glad we don't live up north!! Unlike most kids that can walk around and don't really have to touch it. Anytime he sits down it is cold and wet and he can't stand to have it on his fingers! So I got out his little four-wheeler. He like sitting on that much better, but could still care less about the snow, lol. I snapped some adorable pics of him anyways. The first one on the collage was how it started, had to include that one.

He has been so funny this morning. He is just talking up a storm. We have been doing a lot of standing and practicing walking in his walker. When he wants to walk he will even tell me now. Sounds more like "ALK". I can't wait until we finally get in with our new PT. It has been a long wait, and I am anxious to start! He was also supposed to start at his school today, but due to the snow, it is obviously canceled!! Oh well, I guess we will start Wed. Wish us luck!!

On and if anyone didn't notice this is my third blog post today!! Yay! I am trying to not be on FB and my Photo boards anymore. It was time for a much needed break. I also am only going to be on my computer when C is asleep. So this has been a productive nap!! Wish me luck. Want to spend more quality time with my boys. This computer can suck you in, lol. I also want to take LOTS of candid pics of Carter to cherish forever!! I want to be able to look back and remember every moment with him!!
Enough Rambling, here are pics from today!! LOVE!


Fun Day Sunday!!! and LOTS of Pics!!

Yesterday was a blast! We woke up early in the morning and we all laid in bed as Carter watched 1 episode of Mickey. (We have now limited to 2 episodes a day). Then Webb got up and went to Shnucks to get stuff to make breakfast. Afterward we went to the mall to get a few things and to let Carter ride the Carousel. He LOVED it. It was adorable. Every time we would pass Webb he would wave, point and yell daddy. Then after we passed him he would laugh and clap. Then we went to visit Meme and Poppy for a littly while until Carter laid his head on the floor and said "Night, Night" and let us know he was ready for a nap(I still can't believe he is now telling us when he wants to go to sleep!!). So then we came home, he napped while Webb and I hung out. Then last night Carter and I went to eat with Nana, Pops, and Allyson. Yay! Wonderful day spent with Wonderful Family!! <3

Here is he playing with his Mickey Figurine, lol.

and LOTS of Carousel Pics!!

Waving to Daddy!

This is so exciting MOM!!!

Last night it SNOWED around 4 inches here!! More Pics and another post to come.....

He is my Heart!!!

No other words really needed. And I couldn't decide which one I really liked better so I included both. :) Here he is last week, not feeling well watching Mickey. Luckily he is much better now. Only a little cough lingering around, but his personality is BACK!! Yay!! Here he is the same day playing in his PJ's and making funny faces. I love this kid!!!

More to come later today!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazy Days.....

Look at those EYES!!!So the last couple of week we have had LOTS of Lazy Days and LOTS of Mickey Watching. On New Years Eve I woke up right at Midnight and watched Carter in his Crib. It looked as though he couldn't get comfortable. He had been running fever earlier in the day and had Tylenol before bed. So when I decided to go in a check him again. When I picked him up he felt as though he was on Fire. He was running 104.6. A quick call to the Neurosurgeon and we were off to the ER. So after a couple of hours of waiting on the ER doc(who happened to be the same one we saw a couple of weeks ago), she came in and asked, "So has he finished his round of antibiotics for his UTI?" UM NOOOOOOOOO. we were never told that he had a UTI. If you know how it goes- anytime a culture is drawn, whether it be blood, urine or shunt cultures, it takes 48 hours for the results to come back and if they come back negative they don't call you, but if they come back positive they call you with a recommendation of what to do next and also call your primary physician. Well NONE of this took place. So he had a raging UTI for 2 weeks!!! Can you say we were LIVID!! So that morning she wrote us a prescription for some very expensive antibiotic.

Well 2 days later he started getting red whelps. They first started under his arms and down his side and on the back of his neck. By the next morning, despite being given lots of Benedryl. The next morning he woke up with them all over his body. So Webb took him to the pediatrician. He was having an allergic reaction to that $800 antibiotic. So he prescribed him some amoxicillin and steroids. He is doing much better with that, but now has developed a nasty sinus infection. This has GOT to end soon. I need my Sweet happy baby back!!!
All he has wanted to do the last couple of days is want to be held and watch Mickey. Poor Buddy!

On a positive not I got my New lens yesterday!!!! I LOVE it. I needed something wider for indoors to be able to capture my little guy and how much fun he is getting lately. I LOVE that during the day I don't have to use my SL!! and I will start to take LOTS more pics indoor on what we do on a day to day basis!! This is really what matters the most anyways!! I want to capture every piece of him!! He is growing too fast!! Here are a few pics of me trying out my new lens on our Lazy day today. And these are not edited!! WOOHOO!!!

Look at his love for Mickey!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

So Carter was not very fond of Santa this year, but who could blame him!! LOL I laugh everytime that I look at this picture!!

We had a very exciting Christmas. LOTS of pics below. I had to work on Christmas eve this year so we did Christmas with Webb's Family on the 23rd. We had so much fun. It is so fun watching the kids together. The just LOVE eachother. And all the presents were a big hit!! Here are a few of them opening their gifts.

And it is pretty much impossible to get 3 kids under three to sit still and smile for the camera. I took about 20 and these are the best we got, lol. LOVE them though and so do their Meme and Poppy!

This is our little angel sleeping the night that Santa came!! I LOVE these pics of my sleeping boy!!He just melts my heart!! There is nothing sweeter than this right here! Altough it is very hard to take pics in the pitch black!

Santa working HARD!!!

Carter in his new Chair from his Nana and Pops! We LOVE it!! and so does Carter!!!

Christmas morning, Checking out all the presents and a little overwhelmed!

Our WONDERFUL Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

And a few pics on Christmas with mom and dad!! Hate that we did not get a family pic, boo!!

Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we had!!