Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm Winter Weather...

This weekend we had some unusually warm winter weather here. It got up to 66 on Saturday!! It was Beautiful!!! We spent LOTS of time outdoors this weekend before we have to go back in for hibernation.
Saturday morning Webb and Carter went for a Pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel while I slept, since I worked on Friday night. Then when Carter woke up from his nap on Saturday met Ashley, Brent and the boys at the Zoo. It was sooo much fun!! We always have a blast hanging out with them. In fact, we are going to FLORIDA in July with them. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! We need a family vacation soooo bad!!!! Then after the Zoo, My boys and I had a wonderful relaxing dinner at Firebirds!(YUM).
Sunday was cleaning day. We played in the morning and did some laundry. Then while Carter napped, we cleaned some more and then Mom, Carter and I went to Yolo afterward while Webb worked in the Yard. Yummy!
These pics were taken doing Carter's favorite thing these days: Walking!! This weekend he walked from our drive way down around the corner all the way to the stop sign on Saturday and on Sunday walked from our drive way around the corner to our neighbors driveway and half way back!! Keep it up Carter Man!!!
Also this last Thursday was a first for us! We went to meet Bridgette and the girls at The Children's museum and took his walker in. This was the first time I have taken it in a public place and he did GREAT!! We also ended up running into Meme, Lily, and Tucker. He walked and climbed a TON!! and was wore out when we left!! Fun Day!!!
Love this pic of him walking to webb!!

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