Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazy Days.....

Look at those EYES!!!So the last couple of week we have had LOTS of Lazy Days and LOTS of Mickey Watching. On New Years Eve I woke up right at Midnight and watched Carter in his Crib. It looked as though he couldn't get comfortable. He had been running fever earlier in the day and had Tylenol before bed. So when I decided to go in a check him again. When I picked him up he felt as though he was on Fire. He was running 104.6. A quick call to the Neurosurgeon and we were off to the ER. So after a couple of hours of waiting on the ER doc(who happened to be the same one we saw a couple of weeks ago), she came in and asked, "So has he finished his round of antibiotics for his UTI?" UM NOOOOOOOOO. we were never told that he had a UTI. If you know how it goes- anytime a culture is drawn, whether it be blood, urine or shunt cultures, it takes 48 hours for the results to come back and if they come back negative they don't call you, but if they come back positive they call you with a recommendation of what to do next and also call your primary physician. Well NONE of this took place. So he had a raging UTI for 2 weeks!!! Can you say we were LIVID!! So that morning she wrote us a prescription for some very expensive antibiotic.

Well 2 days later he started getting red whelps. They first started under his arms and down his side and on the back of his neck. By the next morning, despite being given lots of Benedryl. The next morning he woke up with them all over his body. So Webb took him to the pediatrician. He was having an allergic reaction to that $800 antibiotic. So he prescribed him some amoxicillin and steroids. He is doing much better with that, but now has developed a nasty sinus infection. This has GOT to end soon. I need my Sweet happy baby back!!!
All he has wanted to do the last couple of days is want to be held and watch Mickey. Poor Buddy!

On a positive not I got my New lens yesterday!!!! I LOVE it. I needed something wider for indoors to be able to capture my little guy and how much fun he is getting lately. I LOVE that during the day I don't have to use my SL!! and I will start to take LOTS more pics indoor on what we do on a day to day basis!! This is really what matters the most anyways!! I want to capture every piece of him!! He is growing too fast!! Here are a few pics of me trying out my new lens on our Lazy day today. And these are not edited!! WOOHOO!!!

Look at his love for Mickey!


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  1. Can I just tell you, I LOVE Carter!! I think I found your website through the photography section on the Bump a while back and every time I see him in my Google Reader, I smile from ear to ear. He's absolutely beautiful, you two must be so proud.