Thursday, October 13, 2011

Popsicles do a Tummy Good!!

So the last few days Carter has come down with his first ever stomach virus. On Monday morning on the way to school when getting him out of the car he started throwing up(like 6 times!!) YUCK!!! Not much fun cleaning when you are pregnant!! So of course we came home took a bath and have been laying low ever since. We have watched probably 800 episodes of Mickey and 600 of Jake and the Pirates. We have also had LOTS of cuddle time!! He threw up one other time that day when trying to eat lunch then again yesterday when trying to eat lunch. So for two days he has had popsicles for dinner and snacks!! This and juice has been about the only thing he could keep down. He has not thrown up again this morning, but has had some rather loose stools! Hopefully we are on the uphill swing now and this will be gone soon!!! Here are a few pics of him enjoying his popsicles while watching Mickey!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lebonheur Pumpkin Run 2011!

Every year we have wanted to participate in the Pumpkin run, but this is the first year that Carter was well enough, so we went ALL out!!! We knew we wanted him to have his own team and it only seemed fitting that the name of his team would be Team CARTERMAN!!! That is what we have called him since I was pregnant with him. We also chose the superman theme to wrap it all together and it turned out AWESOME!!!

We ended up raising over $2100 for Lebonheur and had 43 team members!!! AMAZING!!! Here is an overload of pictures from our AMAZING day!!

Our Team!
Carter Hamming it up before the race!!! He was in such a great mood! He was running around everywhere in his walker!!

Playing with Jace!! This boy LOVES babies!! He and Jace are going to be best buddies just like their mommies!
LOVE!!!Sweet Boy!
Let the Race Begin!!! So proud of everyone that participated!!

Webb and Carter!! SOOOO proud of my BOYS!!

After the race! Visiting with Family and Friends! Everyone did AWESOME!
Family :)
Sweet Boy!
Our little Family!!
Carter was a little tired after the race!
The Smiths and Wollneys!!
After the Race we had a cookout at Meme and Poppy's house!!! Everything looked wonderful, the food was great, and the company was even better!!! We are so blessed with such awesome family and friends!!

Great company.

Once again I can not say thank you enough to everyone that supported our special little boy!! The day was better than I could have ever asked for!! We are BLESSED beyond words!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks we did a lot of PJ time, lounging, sleeping in. Carter had a really bad UTI. Luckily we caught it pretty early. He then was put on the strongest PO antibiotic and got a severe Yeast infection around his vesicostomy. UTI's usually make him feel pretty crummy so he stayed home with me and he had a lot of snuggle time, lego playing and Mickey & Pirate watching. Of course once we cleared the UTI he spiked a 102 fever. We then went into the Pediatrician and prayed that it wasn't his shunt! Luckily they felt it was a fever. So lots of watching and waiting for it to pass!! Here is our little guy, not looking to sick :)

Little HAM!!
Still LOVING Mickey and Snuggling!! Carter is SOO sweet, I just can't wait to see him with Cohen!!!
This is TOTALLY his personality!!

After a few days I finally started feeling a little better. and I LOVE playing with daddy at home!
Then we started feeling pretty crummy again. Tried to go to the park and the first stop we made was time out. Not such a good park trip :(
He thinks it is hilarious to run away from me and for me to chase him!! Not so funny to have this pregnant momma chasing you!!
and Carter's pretty blues!
We finally got over the UTI and fever. Then on Monday Carter's teacher called to say that it looked like he had 4 absent seizures(petit mal seizures) bw 8-11. I was freaked out and got there as fast a possible. I didn't see anything that looked like a seizure, but we made an appt with Dr. Boop the next morning. He didn't think that he they were seizures and that he was probably just really tired and out of it from being sick for a week. Poor baby. Luckily we have seen no seizure like activity and he has been back at school and doing fabulous!!! He is also doing AWESOME with the Gold walker!! Will post a video later!!