Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lebonheur Pumpkin Run 2011!

Every year we have wanted to participate in the Pumpkin run, but this is the first year that Carter was well enough, so we went ALL out!!! We knew we wanted him to have his own team and it only seemed fitting that the name of his team would be Team CARTERMAN!!! That is what we have called him since I was pregnant with him. We also chose the superman theme to wrap it all together and it turned out AWESOME!!!

We ended up raising over $2100 for Lebonheur and had 43 team members!!! AMAZING!!! Here is an overload of pictures from our AMAZING day!!

Our Team!
Carter Hamming it up before the race!!! He was in such a great mood! He was running around everywhere in his walker!!

Playing with Jace!! This boy LOVES babies!! He and Jace are going to be best buddies just like their mommies!
LOVE!!!Sweet Boy!
Let the Race Begin!!! So proud of everyone that participated!!

Webb and Carter!! SOOOO proud of my BOYS!!

After the race! Visiting with Family and Friends! Everyone did AWESOME!
Family :)
Sweet Boy!
Our little Family!!
Carter was a little tired after the race!
The Smiths and Wollneys!!
After the Race we had a cookout at Meme and Poppy's house!!! Everything looked wonderful, the food was great, and the company was even better!!! We are so blessed with such awesome family and friends!!

Great company.

Once again I can not say thank you enough to everyone that supported our special little boy!! The day was better than I could have ever asked for!! We are BLESSED beyond words!!

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