Thursday, October 13, 2011

Popsicles do a Tummy Good!!

So the last few days Carter has come down with his first ever stomach virus. On Monday morning on the way to school when getting him out of the car he started throwing up(like 6 times!!) YUCK!!! Not much fun cleaning when you are pregnant!! So of course we came home took a bath and have been laying low ever since. We have watched probably 800 episodes of Mickey and 600 of Jake and the Pirates. We have also had LOTS of cuddle time!! He threw up one other time that day when trying to eat lunch then again yesterday when trying to eat lunch. So for two days he has had popsicles for dinner and snacks!! This and juice has been about the only thing he could keep down. He has not thrown up again this morning, but has had some rather loose stools! Hopefully we are on the uphill swing now and this will be gone soon!!! Here are a few pics of him enjoying his popsicles while watching Mickey!

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