Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nashville Road Trip 08/11!!

Carter and I took our first Road Trip together to Nashville to visit Tiffany and Presley. I am so glad that we did. Presley and Carter had such a blast playing with each other and Tiffany and I enjoyed having girl time!! Carter did fabulous during our car ride. He watched Cars and Toy Story and never fussed or complained!! After we got there the kids ate lunch and then took a nap. After their naps we had set up this water table for them to play with. They LOVED it!!

LOVE this one of PRESLEY!!!!
The next day we woke up bright and early and took the kids to Monkey Tree House. This place was AMAZING!!! They had everything(ball pits, train tables, slides, tree houses, blocks, ride on toys, etc.) I WISH we had one of these in Memphis!! The kids had a BLAST!!!

Happy BOY!!!
After Monkey Tree House we grabbed a quick lunch at Newks, then back for naps!! After Naptime we brought out the Pool!
These two are TOO much!! It was so funny watching these two and their different personalities.
Presley singing and dancing!
Then Bath times all around!!!!
The next day we hung out at the house. The kids played and watched movies. Later that evening we went to this awesome park near their house with some amazing photo ops to take some pics. LOVE all the pics we got!!
Two Beautiful Girls!
Ms. Personality!!

I LOVE this boy more than words!!!
and 11 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy Cohen!

Then after Mellow Mushroom (YUMMY) we were back for bath time, bed time stories and bed.
We had such a blast with our best friends and I am so glad that we were able to spend this time together!! We love you guys!

Expecting Baby Boy #2!!!

Webb and I are VERY excited to announce that we are expecting another sweet baby BOY!!! Carter is excited and is going to be the best BIG BROTHER!!!!
We found out we were pregnant on June 21, 2011, right before our amazing summer vacation!!
I immediately started showing after I found out, so it was a good thing that we were out of town for almost 3 weeks!! Here is our first pregnancy Picture at about 7 weeks pregnant!! I had to buy maternity shorts while on vacation!!

Here are some IPHONE pics from the last several weeks!!

We have Chosen the Name COHEN WEBB!!!! and could not be more excited to meet this baby boy!!!
Here are some pics Tiff took at about 11 weeks pregnant while in Nashville.
Our pregnancy started out pretty eventful. The day after returning from vacation, I started bleeding. I had my first ultrasound the next day. They could not determine if I had a subchorionic bleed or if we had lost a twin. So I was on modified bedrest for a week. I then had to receive several ultrasounds each week for spotting and to check the second sac. After a few weeks everthing subsided and things are finally going smoothly. I have had no other symptoms- no nausea- but I have been wanting to eat everything in sight!! This is going to be a big boy!!!
I have had 2 ultrasounds and blood work at Dr. Schneider's (our high risk Dr.) and everything has shown that this is one healthy little boy!! Thanks everyone for all of the good thoughts and prayers!! We will have one more Ultrasound at 20 weeks at Dr. Schneider's then we will be released to our OB!! Eeeek!!
I will update again very soon!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Swim Days

We had a blast playing in our little kiddie pool this summer. It used to be The Jones' pool but were SOOOO sweet to give it to C!!! He LOVED it this summer. Can't wait to use it again next summer!!His favorite things to play with were a bucket and Cup. He loves pouring and filling it back up. And drinking it too!

Laughing at Mommy being silly.
Ginger even joined us too!!
Ginger and Carter are BFF!

We had so many fun days this summer before preschool started!!! Counting down to summer break next year!!

Fishing, Physical Therapy and Sweet Kisses!!!

Sorry these pics are from a few months ago, really trying hard to catch up on the blog!! Carter has really gotten into fishing and fishing poles lately. This is one from his bath tub toys. Blowing mommy sweet kisses!!
Hold You momma. (Some of my favorite words!!)
Then after an afternoon of playing at home we were off to Physical Therapy. Big boy walking in.
Carter has a Love/Hate Relationship with the therapy ball. Sometimes he Loves it!!
and other times he HATES it!!
Working on strengthening his upper body/core strength- esp his right arm which is his weakest.
working on standing without holding on to something and throwing.
You can see in theses next pics just how weak carter's tummy muscles are. Working so hard to sit up!
This is momma save me face!
and Very excited about Leaving!!! Being a HAM running out of there!

LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go to physical therapy every week. Carter's Favorite things right now about PT are seeing his buddy James and climbing the stairs. He is shouting stairs and James from the moment we pull into the parking Lot! He does fuss some, but overall does a great JOB!! We can really see his improvements lately!! Keep it up big boy!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rosemary Beach- Day 4, 5, & 6

Today was our longest day on the beach with everyone. The boys enjoyed digging in the sand, playing in the pool, eating snacks and jumping over waves.

Family- First real pregnancy pic(blog post about that later)- I was only 7 weeks in this pic(Eeeek)
Carter loving playing with cups and trucks!!
after nap and playtime we decided to head to Watercolor to take some family pics. To bad as soon as we got there it started thundering and lightening and became sooo dark. We got a few pics and then headed to Cantina Laredo, a very Yummy Mexican Restaurant.
Some of my fav pics of the trip!
Our sweet Family!!

and some very sweet pics of Brent, Ashley and their beautiful Family!!!

Day 5- I don't think that I picked up my camera today. We had a very relaxing day. It was a yucky rainy day!! We headed to Seaside for a little shopping and lunch at Bud and Alley's Taco Bar. Then Webb, Brent and Brady went to Brady's first movie(the Transformers), while we stayed back and let the boys play and I napped!! For dinner we had pizza again from Cowgirl Kitchen- we loved this place!!

Day 6- When we woke up today it was POURING!!!! And it was not supposed to stop all weekend. We decided to head home a day early and enjoy the sun by the pool for our last day of vacation. It took us entirely too long to get home, but I am glad we came home when we did. Carter did FABULOUS in the Car for every leg of our journey and we could not have asked for a better traveler!!!

Our 16 day- first Family vacation ROCKED!!! We could not have asked for anything more(except maybe a little less rain :)) I am so happy that we took the time to make such wonderful family memories and I will never forget any part of it!!! I am so blessed with such an amazing husband and little boy and so happy we were able to spend this quality time together!!!