Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fishing, Physical Therapy and Sweet Kisses!!!

Sorry these pics are from a few months ago, really trying hard to catch up on the blog!! Carter has really gotten into fishing and fishing poles lately. This is one from his bath tub toys. Blowing mommy sweet kisses!!
Hold You momma. (Some of my favorite words!!)
Then after an afternoon of playing at home we were off to Physical Therapy. Big boy walking in.
Carter has a Love/Hate Relationship with the therapy ball. Sometimes he Loves it!!
and other times he HATES it!!
Working on strengthening his upper body/core strength- esp his right arm which is his weakest.
working on standing without holding on to something and throwing.
You can see in theses next pics just how weak carter's tummy muscles are. Working so hard to sit up!
This is momma save me face!
and Very excited about Leaving!!! Being a HAM running out of there!

LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go to physical therapy every week. Carter's Favorite things right now about PT are seeing his buddy James and climbing the stairs. He is shouting stairs and James from the moment we pull into the parking Lot! He does fuss some, but overall does a great JOB!! We can really see his improvements lately!! Keep it up big boy!!

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