Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nashville Road Trip 08/11!!

Carter and I took our first Road Trip together to Nashville to visit Tiffany and Presley. I am so glad that we did. Presley and Carter had such a blast playing with each other and Tiffany and I enjoyed having girl time!! Carter did fabulous during our car ride. He watched Cars and Toy Story and never fussed or complained!! After we got there the kids ate lunch and then took a nap. After their naps we had set up this water table for them to play with. They LOVED it!!

LOVE this one of PRESLEY!!!!
The next day we woke up bright and early and took the kids to Monkey Tree House. This place was AMAZING!!! They had everything(ball pits, train tables, slides, tree houses, blocks, ride on toys, etc.) I WISH we had one of these in Memphis!! The kids had a BLAST!!!

Happy BOY!!!
After Monkey Tree House we grabbed a quick lunch at Newks, then back for naps!! After Naptime we brought out the Pool!
These two are TOO much!! It was so funny watching these two and their different personalities.
Presley singing and dancing!
Then Bath times all around!!!!
The next day we hung out at the house. The kids played and watched movies. Later that evening we went to this awesome park near their house with some amazing photo ops to take some pics. LOVE all the pics we got!!
Two Beautiful Girls!
Ms. Personality!!

I LOVE this boy more than words!!!
and 11 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy Cohen!

Then after Mellow Mushroom (YUMMY) we were back for bath time, bed time stories and bed.
We had such a blast with our best friends and I am so glad that we were able to spend this time together!! We love you guys!

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  1. LOVE love LOVE!! So glad you both got to come visit us :) Boo, to working weekends.. or we could do it more often..Love ya'll and all the great pics!