Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Backyard with my Buddies!!

Last week we took a fun trip to my big backyard with Bridge and the girls and Ashley and the boys. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. First we ventured over to the little slide and sand area. They loved playing in the little house, going down the slide and Lanier liked playing with the little acorns.

Then we headed over to the little Music house. This was a hit with all the kids.

Then some outdoor fun for the boys. Brady showing Baylor how to play the drums on the little mushrooms.

Then Carter's Favorite!! Climbing through the worm holes!!

Baylor liked it too!
Lanier being such a little lady doing her laundry.

Then we had to take time for a snack!
And then to take pictures of this BEAUTY!!! She was such an angel the entire time!!
Little collage of all of the cuties!!
and a BEAUTIFUL Marrin!!!
Such a fun day!! So excited it is finally warming up so we can have many more days like this in the future!! So Lucky to have such wonderful friends with wonderful kids for Carter to play with!!!


New Lens and Carter being funny!!

So I got my new Lens that I have been lusting over for a LONG time on Friday night. Of course I had to work Friday and was exhausted Saturday, so I just took it out to try it out for the first time yesterday evening and I LOVE it!!! I LOVE the wonderful Bokeh and sharp images that you are able to obtain with a prime lens. Don't get me wrong the Tamron is a wonderful walk around lens and I can't imagine not having it for Park trips, zoo, Disney, etc.!! But for portraits Primes ROCK!! The only thing that is a little different for the 85 mm is that you have to stand WAY far back!! and you are only able to get maybe a couple people in the pic, so if you are looking for a lens to be able to capture families this is prob not the one for you!! But Lucky me, Carter is usually my only subject, and what a handsome one he is!!

Love his face in this one. Looks like he is barely holding on, saying mom hey look at me!! ONe day he WILL let go!
Hilarious Face! He is so animated sometimes!
LOVE this angel!
You can not get any more beautiful than this!!!
Best Buddies!! LOVE THIS PIC!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

I LOVE these three boys soooo much!! We have been spending alot of time lately with Ashley and Brent and the boys and have had so much fun. It is just AMAZING how much alike Brent and Webb and Ashley and I are!! We are so lucky to have them in our lives!! And the boys play so well together. Baylor calls Carter Cardy and it is adorable and Brady is precious with Carter. He is so gentle and helps him so much. When they were digging in the sand Brady was hiding the "gold" and said "look Carter I put an X over the spot where the gold is, here I will help you dig and find it" He is just too sweet.

These pics were taken the Saturday before Mother's day. We all spent the Evening playing at their house while. We then ate YUMMY steaks, baked potatos, caesar salad, and garlic bread. The kiddos had Grilled hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, bread and strawberries. For desert we grabbed some Yogurt at a place near their house (similar to Yolo). What an awesome Saturday!!! I CAN NOT wait to play with these boys and spend time with them in Florida!! We are going to have a BLAST!!! As Brady would say only "Only 56 more days!!!" He counts and marks on his Calendar first thing when he wakes up in the Morning!! PRECIOUS!!!

Carter Loving the swing set!!!

Baylor- Look at those Red Curls!!! How could you not LOVE this kid!!!
Brady- Digging for Gold!! So Sweet!!
and The Second LOVE of my Life!!! LOOK at that new Hair Do!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

Can't wait to do it again!! LOVE you guys!!!

Better Late than Never....

First of all I want to say how lucky I am to be at a job that allows me to be home on Holidays. So nice not to even worry about whether I worked last Easter, mothers day or any of those type holidays last year or not. So nice to be able to spend them with my two favorite boys and my family.

So this Easter on Saturday before we celebrated with Webb's Family. Mamaw Patsy had a Easter lunch and egg hunt. I didn't think that Carter would be very into it, but boy was I wrong. For a few weeks before this he hadn't been walking in his walker great. You would put him in it and he would just drop to his knees. He knows he is much faster crawling, so that's what he prefers and its much less work for him, so who blames him!! Well not this day!!! Jennifer Webb's cousin had an amazing idea to let every child have their own Easter egg color. His was yellow. So he had to find all the yellow eggs and put them in his basket. He LOVED it!! He walked everywhere to try to find more eggs!! He did so great and walked so much more than he had been that we even hid them a few more times :) Carter had a blast playing with his cousins as did we hanging out with ours.

Sunday (Easter day) We woke up and ate a yummy breakfast and headed to Church with my Family. Carter did pretty well until the end and he had enough of sitting still and being quiet. After Church we all headed to Firebirds, one of our Favorite Restaurants!! After Lunch we came home and Carter and I took a nap together, while Webb Studied and worked on a few papers. We do not sleep together often, but I sure LOVE it when we do!!! He is growing all to fast and I want to cherish all of these moments FOREVER!!! After lunch we let him open his easter basket. He loved all of his little goodies(esp the M&Ms, Choo Choos, and bubbles)!!! Later that afternoon Mom and I took him to play at the park and to Yogurt Mountain (YUMMY).

Easter weekend was wonderful and I wouldn't trade our families for the world. So thankful to make such great memories with them all!!!! Here are a few pics to recap our Easter!!