Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Backyard with my Buddies!!

Last week we took a fun trip to my big backyard with Bridge and the girls and Ashley and the boys. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. First we ventured over to the little slide and sand area. They loved playing in the little house, going down the slide and Lanier liked playing with the little acorns.

Then we headed over to the little Music house. This was a hit with all the kids.

Then some outdoor fun for the boys. Brady showing Baylor how to play the drums on the little mushrooms.

Then Carter's Favorite!! Climbing through the worm holes!!

Baylor liked it too!
Lanier being such a little lady doing her laundry.

Then we had to take time for a snack!
And then to take pictures of this BEAUTY!!! She was such an angel the entire time!!
Little collage of all of the cuties!!
and a BEAUTIFUL Marrin!!!
Such a fun day!! So excited it is finally warming up so we can have many more days like this in the future!! So Lucky to have such wonderful friends with wonderful kids for Carter to play with!!!


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