Monday, May 23, 2011

New Lens and Carter being funny!!

So I got my new Lens that I have been lusting over for a LONG time on Friday night. Of course I had to work Friday and was exhausted Saturday, so I just took it out to try it out for the first time yesterday evening and I LOVE it!!! I LOVE the wonderful Bokeh and sharp images that you are able to obtain with a prime lens. Don't get me wrong the Tamron is a wonderful walk around lens and I can't imagine not having it for Park trips, zoo, Disney, etc.!! But for portraits Primes ROCK!! The only thing that is a little different for the 85 mm is that you have to stand WAY far back!! and you are only able to get maybe a couple people in the pic, so if you are looking for a lens to be able to capture families this is prob not the one for you!! But Lucky me, Carter is usually my only subject, and what a handsome one he is!!

Love his face in this one. Looks like he is barely holding on, saying mom hey look at me!! ONe day he WILL let go!
Hilarious Face! He is so animated sometimes!
LOVE this angel!
You can not get any more beautiful than this!!!
Best Buddies!! LOVE THIS PIC!!!

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