Monday, September 24, 2012

Park days with our Besties!!

The weather has been PERFECT lately. We have had lots of park trips with our besties and just my little family!! I can't think Bridgette enough!! She is such an amazing best friend and when we go anywhere with the kids she helps either watch Cohen so that I can play with Carter and help him slide, climb, etc. or she helps him so that he isn't left out!! CAN NOT thank her enough!!!
Here are some adorable photos from one of our park days last week. 
Cohen has started sitting really well and loves being outside!
Love this next series photos of Lanier and Marrin and couldn't decide rather I liked color or B&W better. and wouldn't these look just adorable in a playroom (bridgette ;))
Such a big girl!
Carter man being a little boy!! Changing so much and LOVING doing anything outside!
"I will catch you Sister."
Beautiful girl!
LOVES my helper!!
So carefree....

On another more serious note. Today at the park a group of 3 boys ranging from 3-6 ran up to Carter in his walker and the older boy said to Carter "What's wrong with you." I think I felt my heart drop into my stomach. Of course Carter had no idea what they said, actually I think he roared at them as he was acting like a dinosaur at the time- but it got me thinking. When am I supposed to teach him that he is "different"- bc he is not to us and how to respond to kids when they act like this or ask him questions. I have feared this since I found out that he had SB. If anyone has any great recommendations, PLEASE share!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Life through Instagram.

I am going to try and start posting a collage of my FAV instagram pics once a week but I just wanted to share my FAVS though the last few weeks!! I can NOT wait for my New iPhone 5 to arrive in a couple of weeks so that I will have better quality images, since this is 90% of my family photos lately!! 

And these are from our Awesome Day today- First spent the morning outside exploring Meme and Poppy's backyard. They are in the process of creating an AWESOME pond in their backyard!! then tonight we spent a family night at the park. More fun than I have had in a LONG time. Carter wanted to do everything by himself. He climbed everything he could, threw rocks and sticks in the pond, and had fun on the slide and swings!! I LOVE our little family and all my BOYS!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Monster- I think NOT :)

Yep I am pretty obsessed with this kid, despite if fussy first 6 months(although you could never tell by pics)lol. Between his reflux and colic- poor thing had a rough go. Well the last couple months have been really bad. And well I found out I was starving him. His wet diapers had decreased significantly, weight had gone from 60% to 20%, wanting to nurse ALL the time, etc. I went in to have him weighed before and after I fed him and he only was getting 1.5 ounces from me?!! Poor thing was hungry all the time. SO I was so sad, but started supplementing after I nurse him a few ounces and he is a CHANGED baby!!! I am so happy to see this new sweet happy boy!!! It broke my heart to have to supplement, bc I am one of those irrational, gonna feel guilty about everything mamas- but in the end I am SOOO happy I did!! So here he is a monster he is not- 
Meet my new happy boy named Cohen :) I am just in love!!

 You can see his little two bottom teeth in this pic:) one of our fussiness culprits!
 Oh how I LOVE this little boy and those beautiful blues!

Gosh I LOVE this Boy SOOOOOOOO!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bolton Class of 2002- 10 Year Reunion!!!

This last Saturday night was my 10 year reunion- CAN NOT believe it!!! Seems like just yesterday!! First I wanted to post some photos of Webb and I from Junior and Senior year. How lucky am I to marry my Best Friend and High School Sweetheart!!! WE were such babies. This month 12 years ago was our first date!Friday night we went to a cookout at Bolton followed by the Homecoming football game. Carter LOVED running through the cafeteria and was acting like a crazy man chasing little girls!!:) 
 Great friends and their babies!!
Football time!
Saturday night was at the Balinese Ball room on Main street. Dancing, DJ and great friends. I seriously did NOT want the night to end.
 My LOVE!!
 Couldn't decide whether I like color or B&W better
 Many friends from my senior class.
 I LOVE these people!!
WOW how the last 10 years have flown. SO wonderful to catch up with everyone and reminisce on old memories!! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time!! I really hope that it is not 10 more years until we get to do this again! One thing that really surprised Webb and myself were how many people told us that they were following Carter's story and were inspired by our amazing little boy! I mean I KNOW he is so special, but people that we haven't seen in years are affected by him REALLY touched us!!
WONDERFUL night!!!

Zoo Day!!!

We had a WONDERFUL zoo day yesterday. The weather was PERFECT, much different than the 100+ degree weather that we have had all summer. 
Here Carter is watching his favorite animal the Elephants!!We had a great time with wonderful friends Jani, Chris and ADORABLE Max!! Can't wait for future playmates!! (Isn't he CUTE!!!!)
This is what Carter thought about the day!!! He is so happy and carefree!!
Poor Cohen's only photo. He was such a good boy and slept most of the time in his favorite place against mommy in the Ergo!
Everyone loved watching the sea lion show! and it is a wonderful place to sit down, relax and nurse your baby ;)
Love these boys!!
Funny thing about this image- this is the ramp right beside the wolves. Well we NEVER see the wolves doing anything but laying around. Well as soon as carter started walking down the ramp they all got up and started running along the fence beside him. It was CREPPY!! Not sure if it was the vibration, color or noise- but they went NUTS. When he got to the bottom they all were climbing and pacing on a rock right in front of Carter. So of course Webb had to take him back up the ramp to do it again and they did the same thing again!! I did NOT like it :)
and our FAV part of the day- feeding Carter's second favorite animal(might just rank above the elephants now). This was the first time that he has been this close to a LARGE animal and he LOVED it!!!! WE will def. be doing this every time we come back!! So happy to capture these memories!
I seriously think this is our first family of 4 photo since Cohen's been born :/

Pure Innocence and AWE!
and of course we had to head straight to the only water puddle around. ALL BOY!!
My word this boy is changing every day. He has developed such an imagination and is starting to form large sentences- not to mention he is climbing on EVERYTHING!!
Until next time- think we may have to make a trip back next weekend! So thankful for ZOO passes!!