Tuesday, September 4, 2012

July 2012

Wow Cohen is changing so fast and Carter is getting so smart and hilarious!! July was my last full month home with both boys before Carter started school. We spent most of the month inside playing since it was SOOOO HOT outdoors. We had many playmates with the Treadwell(which we love)!!
My Cutie!
and in B&W too, bc I couldn't decide :)

Eating his yummy Avocados and jumping!
I LOVE these photos and how you can see his 5 little long hairs sticking up!
Someone has found their feet and they LOVE them!
Starting to get such a personality!
4th of July Parade in Kimbrough Woods!! I LOVE our neighborhood!!!
Sweet Potatoes- Yum Yum
Oh my word I could eat this kid!
and another B&W!

1 more month until we are caught up!! The one thing I have noticed by doing this is the lack of pictures I am in!! I REALLY need to start handing over my camera and getting in pics with my boys!!!!!!


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