Tuesday, September 4, 2012

June 2012

This month was much more relaxed than last month. These boys are growing so much everyday and loving each other more and more. It absolutely melts my heart!!! Sweet brothers!
Look at all of that drool from starting teething!
Swimming with daddy!! My boys LOVE the water!
These pics of Cohen crack me up! All of his many faces! This is the month that we realized that Cohen has reflux. Poor buddy. We started on Zantac- which worked for about a week then Prevacid which we have been on ever since.
Don't let the photos fool you, he did not like this swing more than 2 minutes, lol.
Little stinker!!
We also broke out the exercauser this months and he LOVES being upright!!! 

We started Cohen on solids right at 4 months. I wanted to wait until 6 months but Dr. Hanson thought it may make a difference in his reflux(and it did). He wasn't too fond of oatmeal at first- but now he loves pretty much everything! His first foods were oatmeal then avocado and sweet potatoes!! 

Carter being cute. Sophie made a reappearance this month with all the teething.
1-2-3 BLAST OFF!!
more swimming!
Every year we do D-A-D photos for a frame in Webb's office. I am so glad I started these and LOVE seeing the change every year!!
I couldn't decide which I liked better!
My Beautiful boys!!
They LOVE their Nana!! & we LOVE her!!

only 2 more months and then I am caught up!!


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