Friday, September 14, 2012

Life through Instagram.

I am going to try and start posting a collage of my FAV instagram pics once a week but I just wanted to share my FAVS though the last few weeks!! I can NOT wait for my New iPhone 5 to arrive in a couple of weeks so that I will have better quality images, since this is 90% of my family photos lately!! 

And these are from our Awesome Day today- First spent the morning outside exploring Meme and Poppy's backyard. They are in the process of creating an AWESOME pond in their backyard!! then tonight we spent a family night at the park. More fun than I have had in a LONG time. Carter wanted to do everything by himself. He climbed everything he could, threw rocks and sticks in the pond, and had fun on the slide and swings!! I LOVE our little family and all my BOYS!!!!

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