Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Monster- I think NOT :)

Yep I am pretty obsessed with this kid, despite if fussy first 6 months(although you could never tell by pics)lol. Between his reflux and colic- poor thing had a rough go. Well the last couple months have been really bad. And well I found out I was starving him. His wet diapers had decreased significantly, weight had gone from 60% to 20%, wanting to nurse ALL the time, etc. I went in to have him weighed before and after I fed him and he only was getting 1.5 ounces from me?!! Poor thing was hungry all the time. SO I was so sad, but started supplementing after I nurse him a few ounces and he is a CHANGED baby!!! I am so happy to see this new sweet happy boy!!! It broke my heart to have to supplement, bc I am one of those irrational, gonna feel guilty about everything mamas- but in the end I am SOOO happy I did!! So here he is a monster he is not- 
Meet my new happy boy named Cohen :) I am just in love!!

 You can see his little two bottom teeth in this pic:) one of our fussiness culprits!
 Oh how I LOVE this little boy and those beautiful blues!

Gosh I LOVE this Boy SOOOOOOOO!!!

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