Monday, September 24, 2012

Park days with our Besties!!

The weather has been PERFECT lately. We have had lots of park trips with our besties and just my little family!! I can't think Bridgette enough!! She is such an amazing best friend and when we go anywhere with the kids she helps either watch Cohen so that I can play with Carter and help him slide, climb, etc. or she helps him so that he isn't left out!! CAN NOT thank her enough!!!
Here are some adorable photos from one of our park days last week. 
Cohen has started sitting really well and loves being outside!
Love this next series photos of Lanier and Marrin and couldn't decide rather I liked color or B&W better. and wouldn't these look just adorable in a playroom (bridgette ;))
Such a big girl!
Carter man being a little boy!! Changing so much and LOVING doing anything outside!
"I will catch you Sister."
Beautiful girl!
LOVES my helper!!
So carefree....

On another more serious note. Today at the park a group of 3 boys ranging from 3-6 ran up to Carter in his walker and the older boy said to Carter "What's wrong with you." I think I felt my heart drop into my stomach. Of course Carter had no idea what they said, actually I think he roared at them as he was acting like a dinosaur at the time- but it got me thinking. When am I supposed to teach him that he is "different"- bc he is not to us and how to respond to kids when they act like this or ask him questions. I have feared this since I found out that he had SB. If anyone has any great recommendations, PLEASE share!!

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