Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cohen 6.5 months

First off I need to apologize how many images are on this post- forgive me. Cohen was the perfect age- sitting up- smiling- not crawling. LOVE!!! 
At 6 months you are getting so big. You are sitting and playing so well, esp. with your brother. You are now sleeping at night, woohoo and are still nursing but I have starting having to give you formula to top you off bc my supply has tanked :( You have such a strong little personality and I can't wait to see you and Carter become best buddies. I love you so much sweet boy and you sure do love your Mama!!
SWOOOOOOOOOOOON- one of my fav pics ever of him!
 These are such his little funny personality!
 The Lighting was BEAUTIFUL!!!
 and you are also teething. You have 2 teeth and are trying to cut your top 2.
 GAH!!! I can't get enough of him!!
 and how you know when your session is over, lol.

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