Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August 2012

This month my boys have been BUSY!!! Carter started back to preschool at Farmington Elementary in their Special Needs Preschool and has been doing GREAT!!! He absolutely loves it!! He goes Monday-Thursday 8-11:30 and recevies 2 Physcial therapy sessions and 1 Occupational therapy session per week. YAY!!!
Cohen has also become more mobile!! He has been using his jumper and exercauser more and likes to sit up with the boppy around him and play with his toys. He is changing sooo fast!
I bought Cohen an amber teething necklace for his teething and fussiness(the verdict is still out). He sure does look soooo cute in it though :)This is a toy that we got Carter for his first Christmas and Cohen LOVES it(and so does Carter, lol)  Still LOVING our feet!!!My sweet angel!Best BudsHe is so cute!!! They were less than thrilled to be taking photos, lol. but they sure are cute!!! This is the day Cohen turned 6 months!!! Happy 6 months baby boy!!! Oh my word!! I could eat him!! and he and his brother have the most beautiful blue eyes!!Blonde hair starting to come back in!Ok now that I am caught back up on the last 6 months I am going to start blogging at least once a week so that I don't get behind like this again!! The next few months should be LOADS of fun as Cohen just started sitting up and should be crawling in the next couple of months. 

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