Monday, September 10, 2012

Bolton Class of 2002- 10 Year Reunion!!!

This last Saturday night was my 10 year reunion- CAN NOT believe it!!! Seems like just yesterday!! First I wanted to post some photos of Webb and I from Junior and Senior year. How lucky am I to marry my Best Friend and High School Sweetheart!!! WE were such babies. This month 12 years ago was our first date!Friday night we went to a cookout at Bolton followed by the Homecoming football game. Carter LOVED running through the cafeteria and was acting like a crazy man chasing little girls!!:) 
 Great friends and their babies!!
Football time!
Saturday night was at the Balinese Ball room on Main street. Dancing, DJ and great friends. I seriously did NOT want the night to end.
 My LOVE!!
 Couldn't decide whether I like color or B&W better
 Many friends from my senior class.
 I LOVE these people!!
WOW how the last 10 years have flown. SO wonderful to catch up with everyone and reminisce on old memories!! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time!! I really hope that it is not 10 more years until we get to do this again! One thing that really surprised Webb and myself were how many people told us that they were following Carter's story and were inspired by our amazing little boy! I mean I KNOW he is so special, but people that we haven't seen in years are affected by him REALLY touched us!!
WONDERFUL night!!!

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