Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So It has been over 3 months since my last blog post- YIKES!!! Well a combination of no motivation, busy with the holidays and exhaustion with this pregnancy are to blame :) So I am going to try to catch up here. I am sure I will find more pics that I want to include so I may add them later and I know I will want to do a Phone dump of pics too, so bare with me.

Well the last three months have been so much fun with Carter. He is growing and changing so much every day. He is talking SOOO much now. We even had a speech evaluation in October requested by his teacher that showed a very minimal delay(no need for speech therapy at this time) YAY!!

Here are some Fall pics I took of Carter. I had been wanting to take some at a Cotton Field and found the perfect one. These remind me so much of my Pinky!! LOVE THEM!!

20Weeks with Cohen!! LOVE my boys!!

One afternoon after picking Carter up from school we headed to the Priddy Farms Pumpkin Patch. He had so much fun. We have made this a tradition and have been here every year since he was born. In fact I remember nursing him in the middle of the pumpkin patch the first year :) Gosh how things have changed.

We spent Halloweeen at the Wollneys and had fun Decorating cookies, eating and playing with our cousins!!! and I got this AWESOME pic!! Aren't they precious!?
Here I am 22 weeks! 0

These Family Pics were taken on Thanksgiving. We had a fun filled, busy day with family. We had our first Thanksgiving at my Mamaws. We then headed the the Smith's for our second Thanksgiving. My sister snapped these pics for our Christmas card before the day started!! I was 27 weeks here :)

Carter got to visit Santa a few times this year. Another Family tradition we have is taking C to the Enchanted Forest. This year he LOVED walking around in his walker looking at everything(esp. the trains)!!! We didn't even take in the stroller!!! HUGE improvement! Carter would not sit on Santa's lap here but we improvised and got a great shot!!! He looks SOO big here!! The next night while I was at work my parents took him to the kids Christmas program at church, followed by cookies with Santa. Of course he sat on Santa's lap and LOVED him there! Silly boy!
And here are some Twinkly light pics I took for fun one afternoon. I LOVE how they turned out!!

Iphone pics and Christmas Post coming next!!!

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