Friday, March 16, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

Sorry I am posting this so late, didn't really have the motivation toward the end of my pregnancy so I am going to try and catch up as qucik as I can bw nursing sessions and snuggling my little guy.
We had a LOT of fun this Christmas with Carter!!! He was much more in to it this year. He was so funny. He would open one present and want to play with that and not open the next thing(just like his daddy)! Sweet boy!!

Here are our Christmas Card Photos (they were actually taken on Thanksgiving by Allyson)

Carter had a TON of fun with his cousins and Meme and Poppi for Christmas. They made Christmas cookies (he loved the sprinkles and M&Ms) opened lots of presents and had yummy food!!

On Christmas eve night Nana and Pops came over to eat and watch us play Santa and Webb and Carter made Christmas cookies for Santa. Love these sweet memories!

SANTA CAME!!!!!!!!

On Christmas night we went to Nana & Pops for Dinner and then we went with Allyson and Dustin to Starry Nights. We had a blast and we enjoyed every minute spending time with our families for Christmas!!! Next year will be even more fun with both of our sweet boys!!!

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