Saturday, January 1, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

So Carter was not very fond of Santa this year, but who could blame him!! LOL I laugh everytime that I look at this picture!!

We had a very exciting Christmas. LOTS of pics below. I had to work on Christmas eve this year so we did Christmas with Webb's Family on the 23rd. We had so much fun. It is so fun watching the kids together. The just LOVE eachother. And all the presents were a big hit!! Here are a few of them opening their gifts.

And it is pretty much impossible to get 3 kids under three to sit still and smile for the camera. I took about 20 and these are the best we got, lol. LOVE them though and so do their Meme and Poppy!

This is our little angel sleeping the night that Santa came!! I LOVE these pics of my sleeping boy!!He just melts my heart!! There is nothing sweeter than this right here! Altough it is very hard to take pics in the pitch black!

Santa working HARD!!!

Carter in his new Chair from his Nana and Pops! We LOVE it!! and so does Carter!!!

Christmas morning, Checking out all the presents and a little overwhelmed!

Our WONDERFUL Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

And a few pics on Christmas with mom and dad!! Hate that we did not get a family pic, boo!!

Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we had!!


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  1. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas - that Santa photo at the beginning is absolutely priceless!