Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hamming it UP!!!

Carter is such a little Ham lately. I haven't taken many pics the last few days, bc I have been worn out from work. I worked 6 out of 8 nights(not a good idea!). So I figured I would share these pics from a few weeks ago, the day before Allyson left to go back to school. He was playing Peek a boo and was getting a kick out of himself!! Hilarious!!! Gosh I love this kid.

I LOVE how he is peeking through his fingers, hehe! So animated!

Then he decided to take a stroll in his "walka" which is what it sounds like when says it. Lately he has been asking to walk. He will crawl up to his walker and pull up and say "walka" I am sooo proud of Him!!! He is doing great! We went to see his ortho dr this week and he was amazed at how well he was doing with walking. This was the first time to actually take his walker into a dr. office!! Keep it up big boy!!!

And a few pics of two of my favorite peope!! We LOVE you and miss you sooo much Allyson!!
We are SOOOO Proud of you and the person you have become!!! LOVE YOU!!!
On another not Carter has been battling some NASTY UTI's lately!! Started Dec. 20 and we will hopefully find out on Monday that it is finally gone!! After 2 different types of NASTY infections, and 5 different antibiotics. I REALLY hope this last one did the trick!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed!! Will update soon and hopefully take some new pics in the next few days. Have been busy planning my Little guy's second Birthday!! TEAR!! How did he ever get so big!


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  1. Too cute!! So proud of him!! Pics of your sis and him are so sweet!:)