Saturday, July 23, 2011

Downtown Disney- Arrival Night

Carter receiving his first Mickey Stickers :)

After we made it to our Disney Resort: Disney's Port Orleans Riverside, we decided to take the Ferry to Downtown Disney to shop and eat. They had the most AMAZING Disney stores I have ever seen!!

Of course we had to get Carter his First Mickey Hat.
Mom and Day being Silly.

We also visited the Lego store, and several other shops.
and then stopped to get a bite at Planet Hollywood.

Then on the way back from Dinner, Carter spotted the fake Buzz and he loved it!

and our FAVORITE part of the toy store. I should do a whole post in itself. They had this amazing Potato head set up. All disney type potato head pieces. You could get a large potato head and fill it with as much stuff as you could fit for $46 or a small box and fit everything you could for $19. Well you can imagine webb with one of these boxes. He worked so diligently to make sure there was NO room left in the box at All. It was hilarious, but we came home with some AWESOME potato head parts!! YAY!!!

Cirque Du Soliel- Beautiful!!! on the Ferry Ride back
We had a very relaxing first night. Wanted to make sure and save up all our energy for our long fun filled next day with the Treadwells at Magic Kingdom!!!

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  1. Great post, great pics! :) So glad you all had such a GREAT time!