Friday, July 22, 2011

4th of July on Lake Oconee!!

Leg one of our trip started out at my aunt and ucle's beautiful lake house in Lake Oconee. It was about half way from Memphis to Orlando, so we decided to make a long Fourth of July weekend out of it and spend some much needed time with our family. We had a blast. None of my dad's family had ever seen Carter since the last time I saw all them was when I was pregnant. We packed up the Mini Van and Allyson and Dustin rode with us. Carter did wonderful.

This is my Aunt Carol and uncle Hugh's house: Beautiful!
and this is my Cousin's Cory and Erin's Lake "Cabin": Simlpy STUNNING!! and it is right next door to their mom, how wonderful!
Our days consisted of a lot of relaxing. We would wake up in the morning and the boys and Carter would head down to the boat dock and do a little fishing. Carter loved walking around on the boat dock and looking at the fish and watching daddy with the fishing pole.
This is early one morning while Dustin and Allyson were fishing: CUTE couple!! :)

Carter being a little Ham!

sweet boy!

Then the rest of the time there were lots of eating and drinking to be had. Usually started off with a bloody Mary in the morning- yummy breakfast. The boys snacked a lot on fresh oysters. The rest of the days were spent on the boat, laying out, playing with C, rides on the golf cart and yummy dinner with fabulous company!
This is my uncle's Oyster pit.
Webb did some reading and relaxing one day.
Family sat around and did some catching up.
and Carter LOVED swinging too!

and Carter did some playing in the pool right off the lake. He had a blast. We also went out on the boat and saw some GORGEOUS lake houses. This is such a beautiful lake. Carter was asleep within 2 min. of being on the boat and slept the entire time!

And then more of my Family came down on the fourth. I had such a great time seeing all of them!!! I just wish we lived closer! and Carter did FABULOUS!! and of course stole the show!

I LOVE this pic!! and I am so thankful to have such an amazing family and GREAT start to our Vacation!!

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