Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One Year ago today at 7:45am I heard the most beautiful noise in the world, the scream and first breath from our Perfect little boy! WoW I can not believe that it has been a year!! We have been through so much in this last year, at sometimes I never thought that we would make it to this point, but WE DID IT!!! Today is very bittersweet to me! I am SOOOOO proud of my little man in all that he is and has accomplished in this first, very tough year and at the same time I am sad that he is a Toddler now and not just my little snuggly baby anymore. I am also so proud of myself that I have made it to a year breastfeeding!!!!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me! After having Mastitis and 2 yeast infections in the begining, not to mention supply issues, I never thought I would make it this far & I DID IT!!! Carter had his first cup of Whole Vitamin D milk today and he LOVED it. We had to warm it just a bit, but he sucked it down and was diliriously happy after wards!!
This last weekend we had Carter's First Birthday Party and it was AWESOME!! A HUGE thank you for all of those who pitched in and helped, I could not have done it without you!! Here are some pics from the party(thanks to Bridgette)!
So Carter had his 12 month appt this morning. I have been sick with a stomach bug the last couple of days so I wasn't able to make it :(. First time I have missed a single appt. that Carter has had and he has had LOTS!! Here are the stats: 20lbs 12 oz, 28" long, and 46.5 Head Circumference. He also had to get two shots, but Webb said that he didn't even cry! He's such a Big Boy!!
Just a few things that Carter is doing lately:
- He is army crawling all over the place!!! Esp. anywhere Ginger is! He bugs the crap out of her, LOL!
-He is sitting up very well on his own and doesn't really wobble anymore only when he wants to get on his tummy to move around.
- He is still breastfeeding morning and night and has now switched to Whole Milk with a sippy cup during the day (no more bottles)
- He is doing GREAT with finger food!! Have I mentioned that he LOVES food!! Any and all kinds! He has gotten where he has to have some sort of finger food at every meal.
- He is getting so smart and learning how to pick balls up and put them in the hole where they go or down the little ramp to make them spin. He just started this last week!
- We have moved to cloth diapers!! Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers and so far we LOVE them and have had NO LEAKS!! WOOHOO!!
- He says Dadadadadadada ALL the time!! Still No Mama Yet :(
- He has 7 teeth!!
- Will not sit still for mommy's photo sessions anymore!!
- Oh and have I mentioned, he LOVES kids!! Always laughs and chuckles when we are around other children, so cute.
- Yes he still does his deep chuckle and it is soooo cute!
- He pretty much goes to sleep on his own without a fuss most nights and sleeps through the night.
- Loves Remotes, cell phones and anything he can bang on things with!!
- He is bearing weight on his legs better now for a several seconds (much better when he has his shoes on!)
- Goes to PT once a week to see Mrs. Mary (which we LOVE) and she is so proud of his progress lately!!
- Oh and his Hair is GROWING like crazy!!
I think that is all for now, better go Carter is waking up from his nap!


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