Sunday, March 28, 2010

We bought an ERGO!!

I have been doing a lot of research lately on baby carriers!! Since Carter has been born we have used a Moby wrap and baby Bjorn. The Moby wrap was amazing when he was younger and kept him very secure and close to me. He LOVED the moby and would fall asleep usually within 5 minutes of being put in it. The only down fall of this carrier is it takes a few minutes to get on and it can be very hot in the summer heat. We also have used the Baby Bjorn which I also loved when he was little, but once he started putting on some pounds it killed my back if I wore it longer than just a few minutes. BOO!! Plus in the Bjorn, babies somewhat hang from their crotch, which is not good for little boy parts!
So, I knew I wanted a carrier that had a high weight limit, since Carter probably won't be walking an time soon. Since he is getting bigger it is getting harder for me to carry him for longer than just a few minutes, esp. since he can't really help me carry his own weight. I just knew as soon as it started getting warm outside I wanted him to be able to be out of his stroller when we go places so that he can see and not just be stuck in his stroller all day while we are out. I also knew I wanted it to be able to be used on my front and back and one that would not hurt my back!! I also wanted one that he would somewhat sit in it and not hang in it. So after lots and lots of countless minutes spent on the internet I found the PERFECT carrier for us.
THE ERGO BABY CARRIER!! http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/ This carrier gets RAVE reviews and even Webb is excited to wear Carter too. We bought the Black/Camel one and it should be here on Tuesday!! WOOHOO!! It has been tested on kids up to 40lbs but they say your could easly wear children up to 60lbs!!! And supposedly you could wear them for a couple of hours and it not hurt your back at all!! You can wear them on back front or hip carry and there are even accessories that you can purchase for it. Oh and there is also a sunshade that you can pull up over their heads when they fall asleep. I plan on going to the Zoo someday this week so I hope to get to use it then! Can't Wait!


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