Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WAAAYYYYYY Overdue!!!!

I have been slacking so much on the blog front lately!!! Between working nights, sleeping, and playing with you, I just haven't taken the time lately. So sorry in advance, this is going to be a LONG blog post of pics, so hopefully I can catch up and then get back on track! So last time I left off on your birthday post. Well that night Daddy and I were going to take you to Chuck E Cheese for the first time, until the weather proved other wise. For the first time we were in the tub watching Mickey during Tornado sirens. You didn't mind it at all, actually you thought it was fun!!

You LOVE bath time and your new bath toys that you received for your birthday! You could stay in there forever. You Love playing with the fishing pole and saying fish. You also love pulling up and standing up on the rail. We can't let you play too long though, bc of your vesicostomy. You have had several UTI's lately so we have to be very careful with infection measures.

The crumbs on your face are from your Funfetti Cookies that you took to school on your birthday. Yummy! Your teachers said that everyone loved them!! And we had a few left over for you to enjoy for a few more days.

Look at your beautiful eyes!!!

Since the weather is starting to warm up we have taken several trips to the zoo. It is so wonderful having a zoo membership! You really enjoy being outside and watching the animals and people.
You kept saying "boat, boat, on, on" when we passed this little boat. You Love climbing over any and everything. We thought this was great opportunity for some physical therapy :)

This adorable outfit was made for your second birthday from a sweet friend of mine. Today Your Nana and I ventured out to the Happy Heart to do a little shopping. But we always have to stop for a little photo op!
You loved this little "ickle" Thats what you call bicycles.

And one of your absolute Favorites lately is being outside at the park or anywhere that has slides and things to climb on. One weekend we took you to this awesome park in Arlington. You had a blast and were FILTHY when we left. Such a big boy!

Loves going headfirst down the slide!!

And here are a couple of my Fav pics lately!! Just look at your eyes and that adorable smile!!
I just can't believe how much you are growing and changing. You are talking so much and so fearless. You love trains lately. You say "Choo Choo" constantly and we bought you a train table and it stays in our living room. It is wonderful for you to stand up at and walk around.
We have had so much fun lately playing with your friends and family. You love all your cousins and little friends and are so friendly and loving. Your meme and nana always say your are the sweetest boy!! and I truly believe it!! (most of the time ;))

Courtney (Mama)

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