Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He ROLLED over!!!!

Happy 3 months to my little man & happy Memorial day weekend!!! (pics to come later with his onesie) And would you believe that on his 3 month birthday the little angel just rolled over! Like it was nothing, one moment he was staring Allie Ruth in the faceand then the next second he just rolled over! (This pic is mid first roll!!)We spent Memorial Day weekend at our cabin at the TN river, with some of our closest friend, or really more like family. Although we did not get to go out on the boat very much (due to the weather), we had a much needed, very relaxing weekend. Carter Loved the boat and slept almost the whole time that we were out. He looked too cute in his life jacket.We also spent a lot of time on our new deck, which I love!! Carter loves being outside, so we bought a rocking chair for the deck & he loved it! If only we could find some miraculous way to make all of the misquitos and bugs disappear!! Ever since we bought our cabin I have been complaining about the bugs, but Webb just tells me its no big deal, well he woke up Sunday morning with a moth on his forehead and went straight to town and spent $100 on stuff to kill bugs, LOL. He sprayed around the house with this thing attached to the water hose, sprayed with a hand held thing, bought a bug zapper(which will be more of entertainment than anything), citronella candles, a misquito fogger and bug bombs!!! Hopefully the bug problem is now solved, I bet a bug won't come within 1000 feet of the place, atleast thats what I hope!!!

So haven't updated in a while, mostly bc we have been crazy around here!! In the last 2-3 weeks we have had 2 hospital stays 3 days each for a fever of unknown origin. The finally ruled it to be a virus, but he also had an upper respiratory infection and a slight UTI. His fever got up to 104.3!!! Anytime that a baby with a shunt has a fever, it is a BIG deal!! They have to be very certain that the fever has nothing to do with his shunt, bc if it did he would have an infection in his brain and we were told if this happens, we would more than likely be looking at a 2-3 week hospital stay!!! NO FUN!!!!! Of course we are still feeling the effects of the hospital stay, pertaining to Carter's sleep habits. Before he stay he was sleeping one 8 hour stretch at night, which was fabulous!! But with all the machines and people waking him up during the night we started again waking every 3-4 hours. Hopefully soon he will fall back into his normal routine! So we have been more than a week with no fever now, thank goodness!!!

Carter also had his first of many physical therapy sessions this last week and he did wonderful. She gave us a couple of things that we could work on with him, but said overall so far he is developing great and commented on his great head control. I can't wait to tell her this week that he rolled over! It feels really good to see him hitting develpmental milestones on time!

Oh and did I mention that I got a new camera!!!! I am sooooo excited! I already had a wonderful SLR camera, a Canon Rebel XTI, but I needed one smaller to take everywhere with me and be able to carry in my purse or the diaper bag, so after some research I chose a Canon Powershot and I LOVE it!!! It also shoots videos! Here are a couple of pics that I have taken so far:

Hopefully it will not take me so long next time to update!! Did I mention I only have 3 weeks left before I have to go back to work? BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I just left Carter for the first time this last week for 1 hour at three months old and in three weeks I am going to have to leave him for 13 hours, it makes me nauseous to think about!!!


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  1. ohhh my gosh !! I love ALL his new pictures... its crazy to see him holding his head up so strong !!!