Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Happy Boy!!

Happy 4 months little man!!!

I can't believe our little man is already 4 months old!!! I really can't believe how fast time is going! Carter's four month stats are: 15lbs 1oz, 24.5 inches and 41cm head circumference. He is getting so big and so much fun. He also had to have shots at this appt, but didn't even cry! I will have to add his 4 month pic later (since I can't find the cord to put the pics on my computer). He is really starting to get a personality right now. He has started talking so much, and the other night in bath tub he was so excited that he was splashing water everywhere!! He is also laughing out loud which is so dang cute!
I also started back to work about 2 weeks ago. BOOHOO! I was very upset about this and not looking forward to going back, but it hasn't been too bad! I am very thankful that I have someone that loves him dearly to watch him!

One of his favorite activities is laying and playing in the pool. It is so funny how he just lays back and chills out!

Our last weekend at the river was so much fun! We had some great friends Courtney and Lance up and my sister, all for the first time. We had a lot fun relaxing on the TN river!

Oh and have I mentioned that he loves his Daddy!!! When I have trouble getting him to sleep(bc he has now started fighting his sleep) all I have to do is hand him over to Webb and he is out like a light! I am so thankful to have a husband that is so involved and such a great daddy!!

This week Carter has become much more active as well. He is now grabbing things, and sitting assisted for just a second or two. We are so proud of how well he is doing!!

Well thats all for now, you can thank Bridgette for this post, LOL!! She says I'm a terrible blogger!!

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