Sunday, October 4, 2009

Preparing for the next two days....

So the next two days we will learn a lot as far as how Carter's shunt is working. Tomorrow we meet with a Pediatric Opthamologist to see if Carter has a sixth nerve palsy. ( Cranial nerve six supplies the lateral rectus muscle allowing for outward (abduction) eye movement. A sixth nerve palsy, also known as abducens nerve palsy, is a neurological defect resulting from an impaired sixth nerve or the nucleus that controls it. This may result in horizontal double vision (diplopia) with in turning of the eye and decreased lateral movement. ) This can be caused by too much pressure in the brain, if his shunt is not working correctly. At our appt. with Dr. Boop 2 weeks ago he saw that Carter's left eye was turning in and his fontanel buldging.
And on Tuesday morning we will learn the results of the spinal MRI that Carter had done last Thursday. And Based on these two results will determine if he has to have surgery again. We are desparatly hoping that the results are good and surgery will not be necessary, although it seems as though he will need it. These are a couple of pics from the MRI. Poor thing was so tired and hungry. He did not eat bw 8-3!! That is a long time for him he usually eats every three hours during the day! But he did great!

Well yesterday we took our little man to the zoo for the first time. We also bought a zoo membership, so I am sure we will be making many more trips!! Carter did really well, he enjoyed watching the turtles and fish swim he also liked the polar bear and just being outside and people watching. These are a couple of my Fav. pics:
It looks like that Polar bear is starring at C, like he wants him for dinner!! Yikes!
And on a Really exciting note, Carter has been lifting and kicking his legs a lot the last 2 days!!! He has never really done this so we are VERY excited about this!!! Oh and are those not some adorable baby legs!! And I don't know if you can tell in these pics, but his hair is growing at rapid paces!! And it stands up everywhere!! It is sooo cute!!



  1. yay !! you got the baby legs !!! LOVE the new pics !!! you KNOW i will be thinking about you guys and carter man... Praying he doesn't have to have another surgery

  2. We are praying daily for your sweet angel!! I can't help but LOVE that second pic of you and HIM! It is just so sweet to see your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for that sweet baby boy--
    I love you and you better let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!!! Love the babylegs, promise I will start making some asap!!! I also am inviting myself and Presley to go to the zoo with you 2!:)