Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spina Bifida updates and PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

So it has been a LONG time since I have updated and last time we were going in for his Spinal MRI. Well what we found out was not very good news. Carter has what is called a Syrinx down the entire length of his Spinal Column. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syringomyelia). When his shunt wasn't working his extra spinal fluid builds in to the syrinx and compresses on the nerves in his spine, which can cause like a temporary paralysis. This is why he wasn't moving his legs very much. This is something that will not go away and we have to watch him like a HAWK to make sure and pick up if we do not feel that his shunt is working. But for now his shunt is working, THANK GOODNESS!! We also went to see a new Dr. Dr. Byrd and opthamologist so that she can measure and see if his optic nerve is being affected when his shunt isn't working. This is one of the reason's that Dr. Boop didn't think it was working and sent us for the MRI, bc his left eye was turning in. Well when we went to see Dr. Byrd his shunt was working and she said his Optic nerve looked PERFECT!! We are so thankful for every bit of good news we get. We went back to see Dr. Boop this week and he said everything looked good for now and we don't have to come back for 4 months. This is Def. the longest we have gone, the longest before then was 6 weeks. This makes me very Happy and nervous at the same time! Anyways enough updates on that.
So you ask what have Carter and I been doing Lately, well Photography Sessions of course!! Here are just some that I will include, he is getting so big!
Well Carter is waking up now, I will update with his 9 month stats Later! GTG


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