Sunday, January 3, 2010

Does it have Latex in it?

That is just one of the many questions we ask daily when having a child with Spina Bifida. Last night we went to a Mexican Restaurant to celebrate my brother in Law, Hunter's Birthday. Towards the end of the dinner the waiter brought Carter a balloon. And the first thing that I did was check it all over to see if it had latex in it. Haha, but all the writing was in SPANISH!! But then we found out that it was made of Mylar (Sp?), so we gave it to him, and he LOVED it!! Before having Carter I never realized how many things contain latex! Here is a list of the things that contain Latex from the Spina Bifida Association website (http://www.spinabifidaassociation.org/atf/cf/%7BEED435C8-F1A0-4A16-B4D8-A713BBCD9CE4%7D/LatexList09.pdf).
On another note, I think Carter has caught another dang cold!! We just got over one and and he seems super congested AGAIN!! BOO!! So back to bulb suctioning, which he HATES, using the humidifier, using baby Vicks Rub, Using the Vicks plug in the wall Vaporizer and raising the HOB. Heres to hoping it goes away quick this time!! And I know I need to post Christmas pics and a Christmas post, but I will have to do that later, bc its time to go feed C his breakfast!
Later- Court

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