Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carter on the Treadmill at PT!!

So this is Carter last week on the Treadmill at PT. THis is only his second time on the treadmill and he is doing great!! LOVE seeing the progress he is making! There were several months that he seemed to not be making much progress, but these last couple of months after his latest shunt revision he has just taken off!! This week we also ordered Carter's first walker!! Such a HUGE deal!! So proud of my Boy!! Keep up the hard work little guy!!

On another note Carter has been sick the last day and a half. Last night he woke up at 10 with a terrible cough, congestion, wheezing, a fever and very snotty. We all got only 1 hour total of sleep!! This morning we went in to the sick clinic, which was the first for us and he has a pretty bad Upper Resp. Infection. He had to have an Albueterol Treatment and they started him on some meds for his cough/congestion. We also have an Albuterol inhaler to use at home PRN for wheezing/ Resp. problems. After coming home from the Ped appt he took a 4 hour nap that was much needed and he just went down for the night about an hour ago. Praying tonight is better than last night!!



  1. Great job buddy!! He's doing fantastic! And so happy :)

  2. Way to go Carter! He's such an adorable and happy little guy.