Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!!!!!!

I have been such a terrible blogger lately. Heck, who am I kidding- I was never a great blogger!! But I am going to be trying something different now. It is my New Year's Resolution to do two things(but I am starting now!!!)- Start blogging more about Carter and his condition. I have been truely inspired reading someone else's blog and caringbridge about her son with SB. It is amazing how much Carter is changing and how much he is accomplishing lately and i want to Remember it Forever!! I think it will also be cool to have for him one day to read. Although I wish I would have done this sooner, I feel like I have missed out on sooo much!!! My second resolution is to start not having the computer out while Carter is awake and with me. It is so easy with a laptop to be on it while Carter is playing in the floor with his toys. I am not on it all day by any means and we do a LOT of playing together, but I do think there is always room for more PLAY and more PT!!! So that is it! Please hold me accountable if you see me starting to slack off with my posts!! oh not to mention I am going to try and post LOTS of PICS too(which I know is what people truley care about, :))
So what's going on Lately? Carter is Changing so much and getting stronger and stronger. He is starting to pull up on just about everything!! Today when Webb got home and put his keys on the end table Webb called my name and Carter had totally pulled up to get the keys off. Now that is WONDERFUL but also scarey at the same time! BC once his legs get tired, they just give out. He doesn't quite know how to get down gracefully yet. So if we are not right there with him he could fall backwards and hit is head on our concrete floors. I always joke that maybe we need a helmet for him. There is NOTHING stopping him. He is also talking a lot more! It is just crazy at this age how much they soak in!! One BIG thing is that he is starting a little school program next week. It is through special kids and families called Play do Learn. It is half typical pears and half special needs kids. The program sounds AMAZING! Their teacher to kid ratio is 3:1, which is just awesome. They also have a nurse and speech therapist. Also LATEX free(which is sooo important with SB kids- they are at risk for Latex allergies). So as excited as I am, I am a little sad too!! My baby is turning into a BIG boy!! I will add some adorable pics later!!!

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