Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carter's New Walker!! And MORE Progress!!!

I always believed that my baby would walk one day, but didn't realize that after he first started that he would make progress sooooo fast!!! It is really unbelievable to watch him and his determination!!! We finally got the walker that we once ordered at the beginning of August. The one they ordered for him the first time was WAY too big!! No wonder he wasn't doing very well with it. So I picked this one up on Monday afternoon and would you believe that Monday night he was taking steps by himself with it!! And who doesn't love the Lime Green?!?!?! Look at him GO!!! For some reason my little video upload feature is not working so here it is uploaded.
What we have been up to the last few days: work, work and more work!! Worked my three in a row and now I am off for a few days, with LOTS of Christmas shopping to do! Last night we went to Webb's Mamaw's Christmas party. I was fun to get together with the Family, then afterward we went to dinner with Ashley, Brent and kids. Today we will have yet another Christmas party!! I just can not wait until Christmas and seeing Carter's face when opening his new presents! Wish I didn't have to work on Christmas or Christmas eve, but atleast Carter has no clue about what day it actually is. So we are going to celebrate with Webb's family on the 23rd and Do Santa and my family on the Christmas Eve before I go to work.
Oh and Bridgette and I took the kids to enchanted Forest this week to see Santa. Lets just say that we got the "Screaming, Get me out of his lap" Santa pic this year! Ha they are too cute!!! will have to post pics of it later. But in the mean time: My handsome little man!


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