Sunday, March 6, 2011

Icky, Pupo, and Don Don

Webb laughs when Carter says these names. He says they sound like his little mafia. Really these names stand for Mickey, Pluto and Donald. Since Carter had a Mickey Birthday party he received Lots of Mickey themed toys and he is LOVING them!!! He constantly is playing with his little camper and putting Icky and Pupo "night, night" in their beds. Then he puts Pupo's face to the food on the little table and says "Num, Num". It is ADORABLE!! His other favorite thing to do is to put them in their matching cars. He already knows exactly which character goes to which car. And then he drives them around, making noises like "Mmmmmmmm"

and had to share these pics of this beautiful boy!! I am loving my new lens and all of these candid shots I am able to capture with them!! How sweet is he!!

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