Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today we started off our day bright and early. Woke up at 7am to take Carter to Preschool. He had a wonderful day playing with his friends and had his first ever V-Day Party, complete with those yummy cake cookies with frosting and sprinkles.
While he was in school I went to Sheffield's Antique mall to look for a new computer desk!! Thats right, Webb got me a new 21.5 inch, 1 TB IMAC for my Birthday and Valentines Day!!! I am soo blessed. We both have been using VERY old Laptops that have absolutely no memory. I have to upload all my pics every three months to my external hardrive, so that my computer won't crash and so that it isn't slow as Christmas. WELL NO MORE!!! I am also so excited that I have the perfect monitor to edit my pics on! At first I was a little reluctant to get a desktop, bc I didn't want to be all by myself in the office, but we got an awesome deal on an adorable desk and chair, so we put them in our LR/DR. PERFECT solution!!! Also, by having a desktop, I won't be able to bring it to bed with me or sit on the couch for hours at a time at night to use it. Did I mention how sexy and sleek this thing is. Can ya tell I'm a little excited? LOL.
Anyways so after I picked C up we headed home for lunch and his nap. I cleaned up and did some laundry and then when he woke up we headed to the grocery. Got lots of dinner and made Webb a Yummy Valentine's dinner. Consisted of My parent's famous Pork Tenderloin, Dirty Rice, and Green Peas. And Chocolate covered Strawberries for Dessert. Yummy! We also got Webb a Ralph Lauren Polo for V-day. I actually put it on carter and carried him into the house with it. LOL, he looked adorable! and we got Carter a card and a set of 5 little Mickey hotwheel cars. He has really gotten into hotwheels the last few weeks. and he is obsessed with Mickey, so when I saw those they were perfect. I just had to carry on tradition that my parent's started by getting us a card and a little something on V-Day.
Wish I didn't have to work tonight, but I am so lucky to have my two men in my life and that makes my V-Day perfect!! Thank you Webb for being my best friend and being such an amazing father to our Son!! Can't believe we have spent 10 Valentine's days together. Can't wait to spend the next 50+ more together!!!
On another note- we went out with Ashley and Brent(without the kids) for my birthday dinner to Bonefish on Friday night. We had a BLAST and I haven't laughed that long in a LONG time!! Webb and I also went to a movie afterwards, which was adorable and fun!
I will update with my Valentine's Pics later- I can't upload them from work, but wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!


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