Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pajama Day......

When Momma doesn't get much sleep the night before, we have a lazy pajama day. The way I figure, with it being as cold as it is outside why get out of our PJ's unless we are going somewhere. So on Wednesday we didn't get out of our pajamas until 4pm, lol. We did have fun playing with Play-doh and with out lego table. he is starting to get the hang of pushing the little car around the track and gets so excited and claps when it goes around. Too cute. Still not really sure what to do with the play-doh, mainly likes to just take out, put back in and take the top on and off.

Loves his little Mickey books!!! (Well anything Mickey actually!)

Look at this mess! Oh well, I will clean it up when he goes off to college!!! Growing to fast to spend all day cleaning! would rather PLAY!!

LOVE that bottom photo on the Left for some reason! Just adorable! As much as we love our Pajama days, we are ready for Spring and to get outside and play all day!!!


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  1. Pajama days are some of the best days! He is growing so much. Can't believe he is almost 2. And Yes spring can't get here fast enough!!