Thursday, August 23, 2012

April 2012

April was a fairly busy month. Between Cohen starting to be very fussy and colicky, scheduling Carter's Big surgery(more on that later) and putting an offer on a new house- we had a lot on our plate. Poor Cohen had reflux and we didn't know it. Looking back guess this could explain why he hated the carseat, bouncy and swing and only wanted to be up right. So basically he was and still is held pretty much all day- doesn't make for easy packing, lol. But boy is he CUTE!!!
Look at those eyes!!!
He started smiling a lot this month!!
and his brother loves him more than ever!!
We played with friends- here we were at Jace's house for a cook out and playing!
We played with our sand table before it got too hot outside!
Carter and Cohen's first bath together! Carter is such a big helper!
Happy Easter 2012!!!!
Carter showing Cohen his prizes! LOVE these two boys!!
We also spent some time with family on Easter!
Some of my Favorite women!! My mamaw and my sister!!!
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
The Bostick's! This pic CRACKS me Up!!
Cohen LOVES bath time!!Carter received a new special blanket from Busie!!!
Just like his brother, Cohen HAS to be swaddled to sleep!!! LOVE these next two photos!! SOOO SWEET!
Trying out a little tummy sleeping.


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