Wednesday, August 22, 2012

March 2012 (photo overhaul)

These photos are from Cohen's first month of life. Some are edited, most are not and if I don't get them posted now I may never. So here is how our first month went with two boys that we are crazy in love with! Don't let these photos fool you- Cohen was not this content most of the time :) Cohen through his first month nursed about every two hours during the day and night. He slept on my most of the time and we SNUGGLED a lot!!! I will never regret this time not putting you down!! These sweet moments pass too fast!! 
He had a terrible Newborn rash that lasted a couple of weeks.
Carter has been smitten with him since day 1. Funny story about these pics. This was Carter's first time at home to hold Cohen at home. Well right after these pics Cohen started screaming(no surprise) and Carter started crying so hard he threw up. I though OMG if this is what we are in for, we are in trouble now!! LOL
Cohen's 2 week check up and Carter's three year Check up. Cohen had surpassed his birth weight & Carter was 30lbs.

Carter and Cohen's first time to the park together. Cohen was 3 weeks and we went with Bridgette, Marin, Lanier and Nana.Park time with our Family.Carter LOVES his daddy!LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sunbathing with Mama- lasted about 5 min lol.
Carter's first day at Alturia- Cohen was 2.5 weeks.
Cohen's first "real" bath

MY BOYS!!!!Happy 1 month sweet boy!!!!!

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