Saturday, August 25, 2012

May 2012

WOW after uploading all of these collages I really should have made this a few post, but oh well. This month was a little INSANE!! Looking back on the pictures of Carter's surgery really makes me nauseous. I guess while you are doing it your adrenaline is on overdrive that looking back at it and seeing his pain now makes me SICK!!! 
Well we began this month by moving into our new house in Kimbrough woods!!! Right down the street from Bridgette!! I still feel like we are living a dream! 

This is the last time that I have taken Cohen's photos with his stickers. Makes me sad now that I didn't stick with it, but really during those couple of months after surgery and coming home it was just "1 more thing" Oh well!He started really smiling at us this month, but his fussiness also got worse!I LOVE this next set of pictures. It is a typical weekend at home with my boys. Carter LOVES helping out in the kitchen, esp making waffles with Daddy!! (this is also the weekend before we left for Vanderbilt).These next photos were Carter's 3 year photos a few months late(since I was a little busy around his birthday ;)) LOVE my ANGEL!!
The day before we left for Vandy- we spent the day at Meme's. Carter could not eat and could only have clear liquids so we thought that we would do LOTS of fun activities to keep his mind off of food(and he NEVER one time asked for it)!!I had to get some pics of his tummy :) and last time wearing a cloth diaper!This boy is so silly!and one of his FAV things BUBBLES!

Cohen enjoyed being outside too!! All of his many faces <3 p="p">
Carter had a HUGE surgery at Vanderbilt. He had a bladder augmentation, MACE, and Mitrofanoff. It was a big decision to move our urology care to Dr. Brock at Vandy- but I am so glad we did. Carter has been doing AMAZING since surgery. Right now we are about on 2 months of big boy underwear with NO Accidents- which is AMAZING!!!! We were told that he would probably have to wear diapers his whole life. We are on a regimen where we Cath(through his belly button) every 4 hours- usually at around 8-12-4-8 during the day and twice at night. We irrigate his bladder 2 a day 8-8 and we do his bowel routine at night before bath and bed around 7pm. He never complains and is such a trooper. His bowel routine consists of cathing his MACE and we irrigate with 650cc of water and then he sits on the potty for around 30-40 min. He gets to pick our a couple of episodes of his favorite shows on the iPad :) (SOOOOO thankful for technology)!!! and this has been keeping him dry!!
Here are some of the photos from our journey at Vandy. I have MANY more from my phone(I may have to add those later)
These were taken right after transferring to his room after recovery.
When he woke up he was so pitiful, but such a trooper. He was so swollen, in pain and had a terrible headache from the morphine.
First time sitting up in the chair.He was so pitiful. 

First wagon ride to see the trains post surgery- these BREAK my heart. He was in a LOT of pain, but we had to push through it :(
After trains we went to our little corner room on the floor and watched the helicopters land. This is pretty much where our family was camped out for the week!!
Cohen was also such a trooper this week(even through his Colic and reflux)!
Throughout this whole stay Carter never asked for anything but his brother. In fact while in recovery from surgery Webb and I asked him if we could get him anything in the whole world that he would want what would it be and he said. I want to see Cohen. BROKE my heart!! I have never been so thankful that I had another boy!! They are already best friends and it is going to keep getting better!!
If you can't tell this is about where carter started feeling better!! Notice 2 cups in the bed!! This is when he was able to start on full liquids- so 1 cup for Chocolate milk and the other for juice or water :). After no eating or drinking for about a week it was ANYTHING he wanted!!First solids- Fruit loops!! Those are about all we ate for a few days. And MILK SHAKES!!! There was a Ben and Jerry's inside the hospital!! And our first time using our walker. I was in AMAZEMENT!!!!
And this was the first day at home. This is where Carte was camped out for a month. I know you can't see but he still has 3 tubes coming out of his stomach at this point.
Getting too big!!!
Mr. Beautiful eyes!!
Even Cohen got a prize at Vandy :)
Looking back this month is such a blur. We ended up going back to Vandy for a week after a few days of being home for a bladder infection, but in a RUSH to get packed forgot my camera- although I am glad I did. I also want to say that I could not have done any of this without our families. They were a HUGE help in Nashville and once we arrived home. I LOVE you guys and will never forget what you guys did for my sweet boy & my family!! Thank you for all of the sweet words and prayers that we received!!! & Thanks to the Treadwells for taking care of our first baby Ginger :)


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