Tuesday, December 4, 2012

October Overload :

October was a busy and fun month!! Well I decided to go crazy and start a photography business in the busiest time of the year(which is why I am so behind on my own blog)! We also decided to take a FUN trip to Nashville. Webb had to go on a business trip, so the boys and I stayed with my Bestie Tiffany and her crew for the week. SOO much fun and so thankful to be able to spend time with them!!
Here are a few photos from our trip!
 CUTIE Levi!
 Gosh How beautiful and so big miss Presley has gotten!
 It is also Spina Bifida awareness month!
 LOVE these boys SOOOOO much!
 My little pumpkin
 Can't believe they are mine!
 Our crazy crew
 Just got my new 35L in and everyone was napping so I took pics of our first baby Ginger. Hard to think she is 10 this month.
 Starting to crawl, look out world!
 little monkey
 LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his trains
 Priddy Farm Pumpkin Patch fun! So many more to edit and share from this day!
 Happy Halloween to my little dinos!
My sweet Friend Amanda from my photo boards little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor this month. We took this photo for a photo book that was made for her and Sweet Reesey!! Will never stop Believing, Hoping and Praying for Reese and the Skelte family!! 

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