Thursday, December 6, 2012

PT, Drs appts & waiting...

I have always wanted to blog about Carter's medical journey but don't want to ever seem like I am complaining or trying to get sympathy. I regret not blogging about it the last 3.5 years as I would love for him to have it when he gets older to see what he went through as a baby and toddler. I am going to attempt starting now.

Last Thursday was like a slap in the face. As usual I packed the boys up for our weekly Thursday afternoon PT appt. We go in Carter chats with EVERYONE and acts like he own's the place, lol. He then goes back to the "big" PT room to walk on the treadmill while Cohen and I wait until we can go in. This is definitely becoming a challenge having Cohen in the waiting room with me and him not being able to get down. I bring a bottle, toys, etc. By the end of therapy he has HAD it, lol.

I then was called back to watch the end of Carter's PT session. At that point his physical therapist said that she has noticed a weakness in Carter's left side.(this used to be his strongest side). She stated that he was having difficulty climbing the stairs and could not come down them at all. He also seemed to be in a plateau and had not been improving in several weeks.

As you can imagine, my heart sunk! It has been so long since we have had set backs and I was not expecting to hear any of this. She then stated that she thought that he had reached him max potential for his life and muscles, that she didn't think he would be able to stand on his own or use is hand crutches for anything more than at home just a few feet. As she is saying all of this Cohen is crying wanting down and I am trying to chase Carter around the PT room so that he doesn't hurt himself on the equipment. Tears start streaming. "What do you mean this is IT?!?!"

I was confused, heart broken, sad, mad! Never had someone told us this is just it. Webb was in class and I wasn't going to call and tell him over the phone. I called my best friend Bridgette. Sobbed the whole way to sonic to get Carter his tater tots and special blue drink(he could have asked for the moon that night and I would have gotten it for him). After leaving sonic I collected myself and my thoughts. Bridgette surprised me with a delightful chocolate peppermint milkshake from Chic Fil a and my mom surprised me and came over. I LOVE THEM!!

When Webb got home I explained everything to him, as you can imagine he was NOT happy. He immediately thought something Neuro is going on. Could it possibly be beginnings of a Shunt Malfunction, Syrinx flare up, Tethered cord, etc. Ummm. why didn't I think about that? HELLO Courtney!! So first thing friday I called and scheduled an appt with Dr. Boop(Carter's Neurosurgeon).
Tuesday we saw Dr. Boop- Carter will be scheduled for a brain and full spinal MRI with sedation. It has been around 2 years since his last one. I am PRAYING for nothing serious that requires surgery, but also hoping for answers. His weakness is not enough that we even noticed it and to be honest he has been doing sooo great climbing, jumping in his walker, etc. But I also know that in the past he has had so many shunt problems and everyone of them had different symptoms.

I am nervous, scared, anxious and hopeful!! and Carter is going to keep moving mountains and prove everyone wrong!! He is the most determined little boy and has a HUGE drive. No one will tell him what he can and can't do!!
Keep pushing on sweet boy!!
I will update more when we have answers!!

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