Sunday, January 6, 2013

I want to remember Everyday

Everyday things are what I want to remember. I have decided that this year my two main New Years Resolutions are to capture more everyday moments and not just the posed shots(although those sure are cute), bc these are REAL life and what matters most. And my second Resolution is to not be on my phone or computer in front of the boys and spend more quality time playing and snuggling with them and Webb. Time just passes way too quickly and I want to remember whats important. My best friend and I are going to keep each other in check, bc lets face it FB sucks you in!
This is what I want to remember- the way Carter's little imagination is forming and the sounds he makes when he plays dinosaurs.
 "Come on T-Rex, I'll save you......"
And this little man is changing WAY too fast. Our latest obsession- Big Brother's Walker (makes for a funny time when Carter is trying to walk and Cohen is being pulled dragging behind his basket.
 Carter's latest found obsession with his new Geo Trax Trains.
 There is just something about Black and White photos that simply tell a story.
 Play dates with our best friends and impromptu photo sessions. Happy 6 months LOU!!!

These two act like brother and sister. Their relationship is really forming and I LOVE it!!
 Brothers being Brothers.
 Cohen thinks he is big enough to play too..... he almost is (Tear)!
Marrin being silly.(P.S. that bottom middle photo really was taken upside down- I had to leave it that way)

There you have it. This is more of what you will be seeing on my blog and in my life!! These are the moments I must remember and enjoy them to the MAX!!!!

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  1. I love your resolutions ;) Mine too are very similar. Happy 2013!!